John Mulaney Has Some (Potentially) Bad News For Anyone Who Wants More ‘Everyone In LA’ SuperNayr

Last month, Netflix attempted a new formula where the streamer premiered a new episode of John Mulaney’s Everybody’s In L.A. for five nights, breaking free of its “drop them all at once” or “drop them in two batches” model that’s been popular over the years.

Not only that, but the show was live, which is another relatively new thing for Netflix. Live TV can be somewhat of a gamble.

But the show was met with praise and features a slew of fun guest stars, it would be silly for them to not do another round next year, but Mulaney doesn’t seem too sold on the idea.

He said (via Deadline) that the show was originally going to be a lot different. “I wanted everyone to go make what they wanted and I will put it on. We can’t get renewed. We should actually be a variety show,” he said.

Mulaney then compared the gig to a summer job because it was straightforward and had a specific end date. “I liked that it was an assignment and that it had a start date and an end date like a summer job. I really liked the idea of that you can make it whatever you want,” he explained. If he really wants a summer job, surely he can become a lifeguard or something.

The comedian also revealed that he wanted some movie legends to appear in the special, but they turned him down. “David Lynch passed. He said ‘I don’t understand what this is. I’m working on new art and I have to keep my eye on the donut’, which was the best pass. Everyone did pass in a nice way. Werner Herzog passed. He said, ‘I have to keep away from the comedians’,” he said. Just another reason for Mulaney to renew his lifeguard certification and find a different summer job.

(Via Deadline)

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