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Now that the second season of Heartstopper looms closer on the horizon, series actor Joe Locke shares his favorite storyline from Season 2 — and it’s not his character’s blossoming relationship with Kit Connor’s Nick Nelson. 

The Netflix breakout series returns for its second season on the platform. Ahead of the premiere, Locke revealed what fans can expect from Heartstopper Season 2 — as well as his favorite storyline thus far.

Based on Alice Oseman’s YA graphic novel of the same name, Heartstopper immediately received praise from audiences and critics alike for staying faithful to its source material. Moreover, Locke says that Heartstopper constantly tries to incorporate all of the stories from the novel it was based on.

“I often find with adaptations, you always lose some story; whereas I feel like with our show, nothing is lost. Just lots and lots of additional space is made [in the show] for the other characters,” the actor told TV Insider. 

On his favorite Season 2 storyline, the actor reveals Tao and Elle’s story as one that is “gorgeously played out.”

“The Tao and Elle story this season, I think, is my favorite in any story of the season. I think it’s really gorgeously played out, because I think there’s this idea sometimes of Heartstopper that it just simplifies what teenage relationships are,” said Locked. “With the Tao and Elle story, there’s a lot of chewing and fraying. Will they, won’t they, but in a different way to what’s Nick and Charlie’s relationship, which I think is great. This Heartstopper is all about showing different types of relationships.”

Heartstopper Pushes Representation Further With Season 2

The hit television series resonated with queer audiences for its strong representation of LGBTQ+ characters, complete with cast members who identify as members of the community. Though lauded for featuring teenage romance, Heartstopper most notably received praise for encapsulating a young character’s journey of exploring their sexuality.

With Season 2 premiering on August 3, fans can expect to see more of Nick and Charlie, as well as other characters deserving of the spotlight. 

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