Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Trump’s Oscars Rant: ‘I’m Impressed by His Use of the Word Vaunted’ | Video SuperNayr

Yes, Jimmy Kimmel saw Donald Trump’s weird rant on Wednesday, where the disgraced former president ranted about the Oscars and also had a fairly obvious senior moment mistaking Kimmel, who hosted the Oscars, for Al Pacino, who presented the Best Picture Academy Award.

And the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host was amused by that should-be-impossible mistake, and by the fact Trump did this a full 5 weeks after the Oscars even happened. But before he dissed it, Kimmel found something positive about it.

“My first thought is, I’m impressed by his use of the word vaunted. I was. He was even able to spell it correctly,” Kimmel quipped. “Which is really good. Very well done.”

“But literally everything else is not just wrong, but, maybe-we-should-be-worried about him wrong. Like ‘maybe we should take the keys away from Grandpa,’ wrong,” Kimmel continued, accurately. Read more about Trump’s weird rant here.

At this, Kimmel ran down the various things Trump got wrong. Though he did begin by saying that when Trump wrote, “Stupid Jimmy Kimmel” in his rant, “Alright that part might be true. That’s debatable. That’s a matter of opinion.”

Then he got into the mistakes. For instance, he noted that Trump’s claim that the Oscars this year saw a ratings drop is false. Then he brought up Trump’s claim that Kimmel “suffered from TDS, commonly known as TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME.”


“Now that is false. There’s only one person who suffers from Trump derangement syndrome. His name is Donald Trump,” he said.

Then he got to where Trump confused him, repeatedly, for Al Pacino, pointing out the myriad problems with it. (We assume you get the problem.)

“Now don’t get me wrong, I wish I was Al Pacino, I’m just not. He’s Al Pacino. I’m me. You’d think he would know that because I’m pretty sure ‘say hello to my little friend’ is what he said to Stormy Daniels that got him in all this trouble,” Kimmel joked, referring to the criminal trial Trump is currently in over his hush money payments to cover up that he cheated on his wife with Daniels.

“I am not Al Pacino,” Kimmel reiterated after reading more of Trump’s weird rant. “Maybe you dreamed this during one of your courtroom siestas?”

Kimmel then disputed Trump’s claim that even Kimmel’s own wife tried to talk him out of reading the rant Trump made during the Oscars, and then noted that he has been asked to host the Oscars again.

The Wiz on Broadway

“Which I wasn’t planning to do but now I might. Maybe, you know what, maybe you can watch on the TV in the rec room at Riker’s with all the guys,” Kimmel said.

“I guess I should be honored that the former President of the United States took time out of his busy schedule Googling ‘Ivanka in bikini’ to rant about me,” Kimmel continued. “He must not get how much I love this.”

“It doesn’t even add up. Either Feeble Knievel doesn’t know that Al Pacino and I are different guys, or he didn’t actually watch the Oscars he claims to have hated so much. He got everything wrong,” Kimmel said.

You can watch the whole monologue at the top of the page.

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