Jimmy Fallon Says Biden’s SOTU Speech Was ‘Fired Up’ Because He Took ‘Meth-Amucil’ | Video SuperNayr

Like a lot of people, Jimmy Fallon was pleasantly surprised by Joe Biden’s State of the Union speech, joking during his monologue on Friday night, “I guess President Biden drank a Red Bull last night.”

“He was pumped, he was pumped!” Fallon continued, before adding a more edgy explanation for why Biden delivered an energetic performance that directly refuted the expectation he’d seem like a senile old dodderer. “Actually, it wasn’t Red Bull he was drinking, apparently he was on a new supplement called Meth-amucil. Yeah, Biden was amped up. He was like, ‘if this is it, I’m gonna go out Tony Montana style. ‘Say hello to my little friend. My little friend corn pop.’”

Fallon then noted how Republicans, unable to criticize Biden for appearing to be old and frail, instead whined that he “was too energetic. They might be onto something, because today the President ziplined into the Rose Garden, he said he’s gonna he said you’re gonna fight Mike Tyson.”

Fallon then did a fun bit that was sort of a twist on the old Chuck Norris meme, in which he compared “Regular Joe” to “Fired-Up Joe Biden.”


“A lot of people seem to love a fired up Joe Biden, because Fired-Up Joe is so different from Regular Joe,” Fallon said. “For instance, Regular Joe takes his pills with a glass of water. While Fired-Up Joe throws them back with a shot of gasoline then swallows a lit match.”

“Regular Joe listens to the Irish tenors on his record player,” the “Tonight Show” host continue. “All Fired-Up Joe duct tapes both speakers to his ears and blasts Pantera until his eyes bleed. Regular Joe agrees to debate Trump, while Fired-Up Joe cracks an Indiana Jones whip at cocaine bear and screams ‘come at me bro. Come at me bro.’”

“And finally, Regular Joe eats an ice cream cone, while Fired-Up Joe jumps the counter at McDonald’s and puts his mouth directly under the soft serve nozzle,” Fallon added.

Then Fallon talked about how Biden’s post-SOTU polling was very good, which led him to the reaction Donald Trump had.

“During his speech, Biden never said Trump’s name but mentioned his ‘predecessor’ 13 times. Not only was Trump mad that Biden didn’t say his name, but it also forced him to look up the word ‘predecessor,’” Fallon joked.

You can watch the whole monologue above now.

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