Jennifer Lopez Spoofs Her Four Weddings In Her Hilarious ‘Can’t Get Enough’ Video, And The Icing On Top Is That The Song Rules SuperNayr

Jenny From The Block has been around the block. Jennifer Lopez has seen (and done) it all throughout her dominant triple-threat career, and she’s faced as much (unfair) scrutiny over her personal life as any celebrity. In other words, nothing intimidates her anymore, especially not her own past.

On Wednesday, January 10, Lopez released “Can’t Get Enough,” the lead single from her forthcoming album This Is Me… Now, alongside a very funny video directed by Dave Meyers. It features four weddings, the star trolling her own four-marriage history, and it’s glorious. Alas, Ben Affleck does not make an appearance.

At the beginning, Lopez marries her first husband while someone whispers to his plus-one in the crowd, “I told you she couldn’t be alone.” He holds his hand out for money, having won a bet. Later, Lopez is dancing with Derek Hough, meant to play her second husband. All the while, the same wedding guests come through with snide comments like “Third time’s the charm?” and “Don’t catch [the bouquet]; it’s cursed!” By the end, Lopez is stone-faced while overhearing off-camera men complaining about her nonstop work ethic, as well as her “defensiveness, and constant criticism.” The screen reads, “To be continued…”

As per press release, the video is from her upcoming movie This Is Me…Now: A Love Story, directed by filmmaker Dave Meyers, which is due out on Amazon Prime Video on February 16 — the same release date for Lopez’s first album since 2014’s A.K.A. Of course, This Is Me… Now is a bookend to Lopez’s 2002 album, This Is Me… Then, released in the thick of Affleck and Lopez’s first go-round. (For anyone living under a rock, Affleck and Lopez reunited in 2021 and have been married since July 2022.)

“I think it might surprise some people,” Lopez told Variety of her single and video at the 2024 Golden Globes on Sunday, January 7. “It’s definitely kind of a meta story about the journey that it takes from getting from heartbreak back to love […] I am somewhat of an expert, you could say, in a real way. Not so much about marriage but on weddings. Again, I don’t take myself too seriously. I think that life is a crazy journey where you fall down and you get back up, and you keep trying and you never give up.”

As for This Is Me… Now, Lopez is “embracing the return to traditional physical albums,” as excerpted from the press release:

“Jennifer has created a bespoke collection of special & limited editions. This includes a deluxe CD with a stunning 40 page booklet featuring exclusive photos, plus 2 of 20 available polaroid photos. The standard vinyl comes in Jennifer’s favorite color of green, and there are also eight additional exclusive vinyls with a variety of covers and vinyl colors creating an exciting collectors series. JLovers will be treated to a signed vinyl that is available exclusively on and features an emerald disc and exclusive cover. The full product offerings are available at the preorder link here.”

Watch the “Can’t Get Enough” video above, and check out the This Is Me… Now cover art and tracklist (as first reported by Billboard) below.

Jennifer Lopez 2024
Copyright to Jennifer Lopez

1. “This Is Me…Now”
2. “To Be Yours”
3. “Mad in Love”
4. “Can’t Get Enough”
5. “Rebound”
6. “not.going.anywhere.”
7. “Dear Ben, Pt. II”
8. “Hummingbird”
9. “Hearts and Flowers”
10. “Broken Like Me”
11. “This Time Around”
12. “Midnight Trip to Vegas”
13. “Greatest Love Story Never Told”

This Is Me… Now is out 2/16 via Nuyorican Productions/BMG Rights Management. Find more information here.

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