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Jennifer Lopez Cancels The This Is Me... Now Tour

Jennifer Lopez-It’s My Party Tour (Image: IZEmtv, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)

NEW YORK (CelebrityAccess) – Jennifer Lopez has canceled her This Is Me … Live Tour just before it was set to start.

Lopez expressed her heartbreak over the decision in her newsletter, describing it as “absolutely necessary.” While she didn’t share many details, concert promoter Live Nation (LN) mentioned that Lopez needs to spend time with her “children, family and close friends.”

The announcement has led to speculation about whether Lopez’s relationship with Ben Affleck is a factor. Reports have surfaced about the couple living apart, although neither has commented publicly on their status.

On May 31, Lopez revealed through LN that the North American summer tour, which was to begin in Orlando on June 26, “is canceled.” She shared the news in her newsletter, On the J.Lo, stating, “Jennifer is taking time off to be with her children, family and close friends.”

Lopez added her own heartfelt message to fans: “I am completely heartsick and devastated about letting you down. Please know that I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t feel that it was necessary. I promise I will make it up to you, and we will all be together again. I love you all so much. Until next time…”

This tour was meant to support her ninth studio album, This Is Me … Now, released in February. The album reflects on her rekindled romance with Affleck, whom she married in July 2022. Alongside the album, Lopez released two films: This Is Me…Now: A Love Story, featuring Affleck, and a documentary titled Greatest Love Story Never Told.

Despite the excitement surrounding the album and films, numerous media outlets have reported that Lopez was faced with weak ticket sales for the tour, prompting a rebrand to feature her greatest hits. Rumors about marital issues with Affleck, including reports from People magazine about them living separately, have added to the drama. Recently, they were seen together at Affleck’s daughter’s graduation, but their relationship status remains uncertain.

As Lopez focused on tour rehearsals, she also promoted her Netflix film Atlas, which premiered over Memorial Day weekend as the top movie on Netflix in 55 countries. Affleck, busy filming The Accountant 2, did not join her for the premiere events.

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