Jang Nara And Lee Ki Taek Join Forces To Uncover The Truth In “My Happy Ending” SuperNayr

TV Chosun’s “My Happy Ending” has shared new stills ahead of its upcoming episode!

“My Happy Ending” is a psychological thriller about a woman who faces a shocking truth after being betrayed by those she trusted. Jang Nara stars as the fiercely ambitious Seo Jae Won, a self-made furniture company CEO and influencer who has been passionately chasing success after enduring an unfortunate childhood.


On the previous episode of “My Happy Ending,” Seo Jae Won’s husband Heo Soon Young (Son Ho Jun) died of poisoning, and though Seo Jae Won was investigated by the police for his murder, she was released due to insufficient evidence. Later, when Jae Won experienced anxiety and nervousness ahead of a shareholders’ meeting aimed at dismissing her, she realized that her friend and psychiatrist Jo Soo Kyung (Lim Sun Woo), whom she had always consulted, was a hallucination. At the end of the episode, she voluntarily entered a psychiatric hospital.

The newly released stills offer a glimpse into the upcoming alliance between Seo Jae Won and Yoon Tae Oh (Lee Ki Taek), hinting at the intriguing developments to come. Visiting Seo Jae Won at the psychiatric hospital, the two engage in a deep conversation. Seo Jae Won maintains a composed demeanor as she meets Yoon Tae Oh, while Yoon Tae Oh extends his usual subtle smile, providing her with comfort and support.

In other shots, Seo Jae Won and Yoon Tae Oh are depicted engaged in yet another serious discussion while standing. Seo Jae Won maintains her unwavering gaze as she speaks, while Yoon Tae Oh nods in agreement, seemingly already aware of her impending words. Another scene captures them standing side by side, their eyes fixed on the same focal point, prompting speculation about the potential impact of their mysterious collaboration and the anticipated plot twist it may herald.

The production team commented, “The on-screen chemistry between Jang Nara and Lee Ki Taek shines brighter than ever in this scene,” and added, “Please pay attention to how Seo Jae Won and Yoon Tae Oh, who are bound to confront the impending crisis head-on, will navigate it.”

The next episode of “My Happy Ending” will air on February 3 at 9:10 p.m. KST.

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