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TVING’s upcoming drama “Pyramid Game” has shared stills of Jang Da Ah and Ryu Da In!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Pyramid Game” is a thriller drama set in an all-girls high school. Every month, all the students are graded through a popularity vote, and if they receive an F grade, they are officially appointed as the target of school violence. WJSN’s Bona will star as Sung Su Ji, a second-year student who becomes the target of the pyramid game as soon as she transfers to the school. To break the twisted cycle of the pyramid system, Sung Su Ji pushes herself to become the leader of a rebellion.

The newly released stills capture Jang Da Ah and Ryu Da In as their respective characters, Baek Ha Rin and Myung Ja Eun. Captured with a bright smile on her face, the graceful and elegant Baek Ha Rin exudes an air of confidence that suggests that she is ranked high on the popularity pyramid. However, there is something cold about her gentle smile that makes viewers wonder about her story.

On the other hand, Myung Ja Eun is captured with a wary look in her eyes. The scars on her face suggest that she is ranked at the bottom of the popularity pyramid. Myung Ja Eun, who doesn’t participate in the “Pyramid Game” for some reason, is a loner who doesn’t let anyone get close to her, but she begins to change when she gets entangled with transfer student Sung Su Ji. Will she play a significant role in Su Ji’s rebellion against the game?

Describing her character, Jang Da Ah remarked, “Baek Ha Rin, who is always friendly and dignified, seems perfect on the surface. I thought a lot about how to express the emotions of Baek Ha Rin, who is cunning in a way that doesn’t show on the outside. I tried to portray her in a way that matches the original webtoon character, so that fans of the original webtoon can enjoy watching her.”

She added, “The process of the second-year students breaking the twisted cycle of the pyramid system will be thrilling and heartwarming at the same time.”

“Myung Ja Eun is wary of people, but she is actually someone who loves people more than anyone,” commented Ryu Da In. “I felt sorry for Myung Ja Eun, who is generous to others but strict with herself. I worked hard to ensure that Myung Ja Eun doesn’t come across as just a pitiful character.”

She concluded, “[‘Pyramid Game’] is an appealing story with a rhythmical plot that keeps you in suspense.”

“Pyramid Game” is set to premiere on February 29.

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