‘It was a nightmare’: You will not believe how long the line at DFW airport became after American Airlines messed up yet again SuperNayr

Summer travel has begun and hundreds of Americans are jet-setting all over the country and the world for wherever their fabulous vacations may lead them.

This also means it’s prime time for the nation’s favorite airlines to make a good chunk of change and keep their customers happy and ready to return. Naturally, with such an influx of customers, there are bound to be problems but with so many years in service, you’d think airlines would be able to handle whatever came their way.

Unfortunately, fliers ratted out one airline on TikTok, which does not seem to be up to the challenge. Multiple posted videos of the ridiculously long line waiting for American Airlines customer service at Dallas International Airport.

Ashley Danell showed a sped-up video of the entire line saying that it was hours long and the whole airport was a nightmare. she said that hundreds of people were getting their flights continuously delayed but never canceled, causing people to miss appointments, events, and connections, and trapping them in Dallas International Airport.

Commenters expressed sympathy not only for the people stranded in the airport but also for the customer service workers that have to be involved in the whole ordeal. Some even offered tips on what they would do in this situation. One viewer advised fliers to book layovers in cities they wouldn’t mind being stranded, others said the American Airlines app is a much faster way to get your travel woes solved by the airline.

It seems that the early June flight troubles were thanks to rough weather patterns moving across Texas.

Kori Leigh posted a video perspective while actually in the line, claiming that she had her flights canceled multiple times and that airline workers were lying about the reason and refused to accommodate any passengers. She even named American Airlines as the “crappiest” airline. Despite her annoyance, several people took to the comments defending the airline, saying that the cancellations and delays were due to bad weather and tornado warnings. Others took the extreme opposition saying she should file a class action lawsuit.

Fortunately for American Airlines passengers who are fed up with their delays, according to ABC, airlines are now required to issue a refund if a flight is delayed more than three hours for domestic flights and six hours for international flights, per new Department of Transportation rules. That way, if they think it will help, passengers can take their business elsewhere.

But in this case, no airline can control the weather so chances are they’d have gotten the same thing either way.

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