Is there a ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ movie release date? SuperNayr

From face-melting sorcery spells to pulse-pounding action sequences between beloved characters, it’s not necessarily hard to comprehend why the Harry Potter franchise is so widely popular. And while the original franchise of movies has unfortunately run its course, perhaps a fresh-faced film interpretation can help continue on the engaging narrative for Potterheads.

Of course, we’re talking about the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child movie adaptation, which has long been discussed and speculated by Potterheads and critics alike. Focusing more on Harry’s son, the concept has gone on to become one of the most successful Broadway plays of all time, with similar success also occurring during West End shows in London. 

So with all of that triumph soaring, it makes perfect sense as to why Potterheads and die-hards of both the novels and plays would want to witness the Cursed Child movie hit the silver screen.

So, does Harry Potter and the Cursed Child have a release date?

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At the time of this writing, no, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child does not have a definite release date. In fact, confirmation of the movie in pre-production or filming has yet to be revealed, so it’s clear that the movie isn’t even turning wheels yet in the developmental stages. As of right now, there’s no conclusive timeframe as to when the movie could happen, or if it will even actually happen at all.

But for those passionate Potterheads who are patiently waiting for the next Wizarding World venture, it was already confirmed earlier last year that a fresh-faced Harry Potter reboot series would be coming to Max sometime in the near future — so all hope is certainly not lost. Although it’s best not to have hopes up for Daniel Radcliffe’s return, because it looks like he wouldn’t be open to making a comeback anytime soon.

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