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There is little in this world that the pop culture Old God known as Taylor Swift cannot have. She has a record-obliterating tour, a devoted army of followers, and a romantic history that reads like a list of guest voices on The Simpsons. 

But what about an award from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association? Does she have one of those? Could she have one of those? How many times has Taylor Swift been up for a Golden Globe, and has she ever received one?

Taylor Swift’s long history with the Golden Globes

Out of all the awards ceremonies that we’re still paying attention to, even though nobody can quite figure out why, the Golden Globes are one of the few that have yet to acknowledge Taylor Swift’s reign as Supreme Ruler of Pretty Much Whatever. 

That isn’t to say that they haven’t kissed the ring. Swift has been nominated for Best Original Song in a Motion Picture four times in the past, and only one of those nominations was really, really funny. In 2013, she was nominated alongside John Paul White, Joy Williams, and T Bone Burnett for “Safe & Sound” from The Hunger Games. The following year, she and Jack Antonoff got a nod for “Sweeter Than Fiction” from the One Chance soundtrack. 2023 brought another nomination, this time thanks to the movie Where the Crawdads Sing. Her songs were recognized, but Swift ultimately went home empty-handed. 

Then there was 2020. It was a bad year – Everyone was stuck doing indoor recess for hundreds of consecutive days, and Wilford Brimley died. Adding insult to injury, the world was still reeling in the wake of CATS, the big screen adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s wildly lucrative 1982 answer to the question “Is it possible to make money by doing cocaine?” Straight-faced and without a hint of irony, the HFPA nominated Webber and Taylor Swift’s “Beautiful Ghosts” for Best Original Song in a Motion Picture, following the latter’s mind-boggling performance of the number in a CGI body sock made of cat skin.

Wildly, the pair lost to “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again” from Rocketman, in a perpetuation of a troubling pattern of behavior in which Elton John has never lost an award to a computer-generated nightmare cat with the bones and face of a human being.

In 2024, Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour movie was nominated for the Golden Globes’ piping-hot new award for “cinematic and box office achievement,” an honor bestowed on films that made lots of money. This marks the first time that the 34-year-old pop sensation and John Wick have ever competed for the same Golden Globe. But who will win? Thankfully, you will have the answer in a few hours.

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