Is ‘Station 19’ getting any spinoffs? SuperNayr

If we had our way, the Shondaland universe would continue forever. While we’re thrilled Grey’s Anatomy season 21 will start in fall 2024, it’s tough to accept that Station 19 was canceled after seven amazing seasons. Now fans wonder if there will be any spinoffs.

Station 19 maintained a large audience since its 2018 premiere and while it always had ties to Grey’s Anatomy, the ABC spinoff developed great characters and felt like its own thing. After the Station 19 series finale, which included a shocking end to Kate Powell’s story, we want to know if a spinoff could focus on any fan-favorite characters.

Is Station 19 spinoff Crisis One happening?

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While fans have been talking about a Station 19 spinoff called Crisis One, there is nothing official in the works.

Zoanne Clack and Peter Paige, the Station 19 showrunners, spoke to TV Insider about whether there would be a spinoff of the firefighter show that we all love so much. Paige explained that there is nothing in the works as of now: “We’ve been pitched several spinoffs. Crisis One is one of them. There’s even a poster floating around the internet if you go on Twitter right now. We were also pitched a Fosters-like spinoff for Maya and Carina. I feel like there was a third one. We’ve heard several, but the likelihood of them happening is small.”

According to TV Line, a Station 19 spinoff called Crisis One would focus on Vic Hughes (Barrett Doss) and Travis Montgomery (Jay Hayden) moving to D.C. since Vic is now working for a program called Crisis One.

We would love to see Crisis One and also a show about Carina DeLuca-Bishop (Stefania Spampinato) and Maya Bishop (Danielle Savre). It’s a shame to hear that there are no plans for more stories about the characters we’re now attached to. But we won’t give up hope that could change and maybe there will be a Station 19 spinoff at some point.

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