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Nicholas Galitzine is a devilishly handsome Hollywood star who turns heads everywhere he goes. However, his habit of keeping his private life, well, private makes it hard for fans to know if he’s married.

Galitzine broke into the Hollywood scene thanks to two 2016 lead roles, one in High Strung and the other in Handsome Devil. In the latter, the stars played the role of a closeted gay man in a breathtaking performance that is still a fan favorite. Galitzine would keep bringing layered queer characters to life in movies such as The Craft: Legacy and Red, White & Royal Blue. Galitzine is so good at his job that people wonder if he is even straight. 

One’s sexuality shouldn’t cause so much public concern, especially when the only reason people ask questions is because Galitzine is such a great actor. While the star plays gay and bisexual characters with finesse, he has also romanced actresses in movies such as Purple Hearts and The Idea of You. But clearly,

Regardless of his sexual orientation, Galitzine has made an effort to keep his private life out of the spotlight. That’s why, until today, people are uncertain if he ever dated his 2021 Cinderella co-star Camila Cabello. However, while we can conjecture about Galitzine’s romantic entanglements, it is almost certain that the actor is not married. Otherwise, there would be an official registry somewhere, and believe us, Sherlock Holmes has nothing on the actor’s fans when it comes to sleuthing.

Nicholas Galitzine’s relationship rumors, explained

Anne Hathaway as 'Solène' and Nicholas Galitzine as 'Hayes Campbell' star in THE IDEA OF YOU
Image via Amazon Studios

Galitzine’s love life made the headlines in March 2024 when the actor posted an Instagram story of himself holding hands with a woman. Since only the couple’s hands can be seen, the identity of his potential girlfriend is still a mystery. Yet, many suspect he is currently dating model and dancer Cameron Valentina. The two have been spotted together on multiple occasions, giving some weight to the rumors, but without an official announcement, that’s as far as we can speculate.

But fans of Galitzine better not wait for his latest relationship to go public anytime soon. The actor has been quite vocal in multiple interviews about how his career gets in the way of building long relationships, so he prefers to keep his girlfriends a secret as much as possible. Talking to L’Officiel, he said:

“My last couple of girlfriends, I feel like we’ve had to go our separate ways essentially because of the travel. And it’s difficult. I mean, people who also work in the industry get it, but the job is definitely not conducive to nourishing relationships.”

So there you have it. Galitzine is not married, but he’s most likely not single either. Fans will undoubtedly keep obsessing over every detail of his personal life, and as soon as any definite clue emerges, we swear we’ll be here to break it down and uncover the truth.

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