Is Marvel’s Time Stone green because of Loki? SuperNayr

Loki effectively rendered the importance and significance attached to the Infinity Stones useless in its first season. But its season 2 finale has again trained the spotlight on one of the stones, i.e., the Time Stone.

Spoilers ahead from the Loki season 2 finale as we revisit the saddest — yes, even sadder than Avengers: Endgamemost heartbreakingly beautiful MCU ending ever.

So, let’s take it in stages, shall we? (Ah yes, I have the answer, you can jump right to it or join me as I lay it out on the table)

Why is Loki being connected to the Time Stone?

Time Stone MCU
Photo via Marvel Studios

First, for those who are a bit bamboozled by this recurring query, it arose when the Marvel series’ variant Loki decided to sacrifice himself to save Mobius, Sylvie, the TVA, and every single living soul on the infinite number of branch timelines. Using his invincibility as a God, he marched ahead to the glitching Temporal Loom and destroyed it, taking hold of the dying branch timelines and reviving them with his magic.

As they will wither away the second he lets them go, losing the momentary breath of life, he starts weaving a web of the timelines, holding on to all of them. He takes a seat in the cosmos somewhere, decked in an iconic green attire — more than fitting for the Keeper of Time — and keeping the timelines, glowing green with his magic, safe and intact.

Is Loki really the reason the Time Stone is green? Yes, it is very much possible

Time Stone green in MCU and in orange in Marvel comics
Photo via Marvel Studios

The biggest clue? The Time Stone was originally orange in the Marvel Comics and it was changed to green after its debut in the particular hue in the MCU. Feels like a very deliberate decision to me.

So, Time is now for Loki to save, protect, and even manipulate if he wishes to, and of course, the color of the whole web of steadily growing and multiplying timelines also suspiciously matches the hue of the Time Stone. Is there a connection between the two – is the stone green because it reflects Loki’s magic holding the branches and realities together or it’s just a coincidence?

Those ready to argue that there can’t be a connection as Loki just became the Time Lord or aka the God of Stories, time is pretty fluid as per the concept of the show — there is no clear beginning or end. Loki has now bypassed time itself, holding the past, present, and all the would-be-will-bes of the future, even the dawn of the universe when the Infinity stones came into existence.

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