Is Emma Stone related to Sharon Stone? SuperNayr

Show business is, from a cold, clinical, objective perspective, an insatiable sinkhole of sloppy, wet nepotism, so it’s fair to wonder: Did Emma Stone break into Hollywood thanks to her favorite relative, Sharon Stone?

Nobody would be mad if she did. Emma Stone is a talented performer, and no one would begrudge Sharon Stone for giving her a leg up – looking out for your family members is most people’s basic instinct. The ends would justify the means. Even if we only got Crazy, Stupid, Love thanks to preferential treatment, we still got Crazy, Stupid, Love. 

But maybe we should back up for a minute. It could be that we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Are Sharon Stone and Emma Stone even related? Is the shared surname enough to confirm that the two are relatives?

In bad news for Hollywood conspiracy theorists and lazy genealogists alike, there is no immediate family connection between Emma and Sharon Stone. Sharon Stone’s last name goes back generations, while Emma’s is an Americanization of “Sten,” changed by her grandfather, Conrad Ostberg Sten. While they both share some Irish ancestry, there’s no reason to believe that they came from the same Stone quarry, genetically speaking. They’re just two unrelated people with the last name Stone. It happens every day.

Sharon Stone isn’t the only person that Emma Stone isn’t related to, either. The list is practically endless, but if you’re looking for a good place to start: Emma Stone shares no known familial connections with Oliver Stone, Roger Stone, Sly and the Family Stone, Stone Phillips, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Rock Hudson, Ben Grimm, or Mick Jagger. All of that goes double for Sharon.

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