Imran Khan Calls Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker A ‘Real’ Violence Film; Actor Claims Hindi Films Just Glamorise And Sexualise: ‘It’s Uncomfortable SuperNayr

Actor Imran Khan was all set to make his comeback with a spy series. However, it has been shelved, and there’s no clarity on when it will see the light of day. In a recent interview, actor Imran Khan opened up about his thoughts on the portrayal of violence in movies and his hiatus from the film industry.


The actor revealed to Film Companion that despite considering a comeback, he hasn’t found the right project. He talked about his shelved spy series with Disney+ Hotstar, which he’s actually relieved didn’t materialise. Directed by Abbas Tyrewala, the project was scrapped after Hotstar’s acquisition by Jio last year. Imran expressed contentment about not being part of a character that resorts to solving problems with a gun.

Imran Khan Calls Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker – A Real Violence Movie

Imran opened up about his discomfort with the recent trend in films, where violence is portrayed without consequence, often glamorised and sexualised. He emphasised that while action movies were a favourite during his teenage years in the ’90s, the current portrayal of violence in cinema makes him uneasy. He referenced Todd Phillips’ Joker, praising how it conveyed the weight of violence, citing the scene where Joaquin Phoenix’s character, Arthur Fleck, stabs a man.

Imran Khan Feels Uncomfortable Of THIS Thing In Recent Hindi Films

The actor criticised the glorification of violence in recent Hindi films, although he refrained from naming specific titles. He highlighted the depiction of heroes engaging in mass shootings, with their actions set to music, which he finds discomforting.

“We have started making movies where heroes will go and shoot seven people in the heads and their heads would explode to music. Then they also make it look cool and sexy and it makes me kinda uncomfortable,” Imran said. This happened in recent films like Animal and Jawan.

Imran, last seen in Katti Batti alongside Kangana Ranaut in 2015, has been on a hiatus from the industry. Despite reading numerous scripts, he admitted none have piqued his interest so far.

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