How Queen Camilla Is About To Get The 'Perfect Revenge' On Prince Harry & Meghan Markle! SuperNayr

Queen Camilla may be shaping up to succeed where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle failed!

After the Duke and Duchess of Sussex infamously got canned from their Spotify deal, King Charles III’s wife is picking up where they left off. On Tuesday, Camilla launched her own podcast! The Reading Room podcast is set to be an extension of Camilla’s online book club which she started during the Covid lockdown. And after being publicly branded a “villain” by her son-in-law, it might just be the “perfect revenge.”

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Borne Media director and brand expert Denise Palmer Davies told Fabulous on Monday:

“After all the hurtful things Harry has said about Camilla, she has finally got her own back on them. If her podcast does well, and I am sure it will, she will have achieved in an area they so desperately wanted to succeed in, then that is the perfect revenge.”

She added of the Queen’s daughter-in-law:

“I bet Meghan in particular will be livid over the whole thing, and probably a bit embarrassed that hers fell at the first hurdle.”

Oof! We’d previously heard that Meghan was close to signing a “make or break” new podcast deal, but there’s been nothing official since her fallout with Spotify. Hmm.

Another way Camilla’s may win out in the court of public opinion? Unlike Meghan, her podcast isn’t for financial gain — just the love of reading! Royal expert Jennie Bond told Fabulous:

“We have learned in the past couple of years that reading has been a passion for Camilla since her childhood and this is a way of sharing that love. In a hectic world so dominated by short form social media messages — and giving us attention spans of a gnat — it is a noble aim to encourage children and adults to enjoy a good, long read.”

She added:

“That’s what this is about, not money, not campaigning or railing against the world, just a gentle encouragement to enjoy great storytelling.”


However, the royal commentator doesn’t think any part of this is intended to be revenge on anyone:

“It wouldn’t have been any part of Camilla’s decision to launch this podcast, she is better than that. I very much doubt that she gives Meghan much thought — she is far too busy making a resounding success of her new role. While I don’t think Camilla will expend much energy pondering about Meghan, I imagine Meghan might look quite enviously across the pond at how Camilla has adapted to royal life, made a success of her role, and is increasingly admired by the public.”

She continued:

“The more we see of this Queen, the more I think people come to appreciate that she is an immensely likable person, down-to-earth, caring and dignified, and that will all contribute to the undoubted success of her podcast. Unlike Meghan, she doesn’t have to please any commissioning editors, it’s not a commercial venture, it is a charitable venture. Camilla is also showing that she fully embraces the modern world of Instagram and podcasts, and she feels very comfortable talking about literature.”

Definitely some good press for Camilla!

What are YOUR thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Do YOU think Meghan and Harry will be jealous? Let us know in the comments down below!

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