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Last week’s news regarding the death of Thomas Kingston came as a shock to many. The 45-year-old had been married to Lady Gabriella, daughter of Princess and Prince Michael of Kent although his history with the royal family goes back a little further than that.

Those who take an interest in the deep and expansive lore of the royal family would know that Kingston had briefly dated the younger sister of Kate Middleton. Pippa Middleton and Thomas Kingston started dating sometime in 2011, around the same time Kate and William were getting married.

How long did Thomas Kingston and Pippa Middleton date for?

There’s not a great deal of information regarding the intricacies of the two’s relationship. It’s unclear when they even began dating or when they broke up. All we do know is that they started dating in 2011 and they broke up that same year. Being less than a year in length, the relationship obviously wasn’t meant to be, however, despite the apparent briefness of their relationship, that doesn’t mean that the pair didn’t remain close friends.

The two have remained close ever since

Kingston and Pippa were seen together at numerous events post-break-up, for example, they were spotted at the Cheltenham racecourse in 2013 causing rumors to begin circulating yet again. They also both attended each other’s weddings so there were clearly no hard feelings between the two. Kingston would go on to meet Lady Gabriella whom he would marry in 2019.

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