How “Gen V” Sets Up “The Boys” Season 4 SuperNayr


Prime Video just wrapped the first season of its “The Boys” spin-off “Gen V” which comes ahead of the main show’s fourth season due to premiere sometime next year.

The spin-off surprised people in that it proved about as acclaimed as the main show. Now that the season run is over, the spin-off’s direct connections to “The Boys” and what’s to come in the fourth season have been revealed.

Speaking with Variety in the wake of the season finale, showrunner Eric Kripke discussed the status of the fourth season of “The Boys” which is deep into post-production:

“You will not know when ‘The Boys’ Season 4 is airing by the time the “Gen V” finale airs. But most of the editing is done, we’re now deep into the music and visual effects. Marketing is starting to taxi their planes on the runway. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes of ‘The Boys’ Season 4, I can say that.”


With the run of “Gen V” complete, Kripke also spoke about spoilers and how a cameo from Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher ties into the key bit of lore that will be carried over to the main show – namely the Supes virus.

“For Butcher, by the time they were making the finale, we were pretty deep into breaking Season 4. We knew that we wanted that virus to be a pretty big part of Season 4, and we knew that we wanted Butcher to be aware of it. It seems crazy that he wouldn’t be aware of it.

It became kind of tricky, because how do we show that he knows about it without it just being dialogue? This idea came up that it probably shouldn’t even happen in ‘The Boys,’ it should happen in ‘Gen V.’

The value of having the [two shows’ writers] rooms be in coordination is, our room took it to Michele and her room and said, ‘Can we put Butcher in the end, so we can show that he’s really hot on the tail of the virus?’ It was really cool, because it does a nice little preamble to what’s coming next.”

Asked if there will be any “Gen V” cameos in “The Boys” fourth season, Kripke says: “Shrug emoji? Tune in. I will neither confirm nor deny”.

Timeline-wise, he also confirms it’s as expected with “Gen V” first season taking place between seasons three and four of “The Boys”, whilst the “Gen V” second season will take place after the fourth season of “The Boys”.

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