Hope on the Street Episode 1 Recap: BTS J-Hope Traces Back His Roots in Docu-Series SuperNayr

BTS J-Hope‘s docu-series Hope On The Street dropped episode 1 on Amazon Prime Video. The first episode follows J-Hope’s preparation for the new album. The globally famous dancer also pays tribute to South Korea’s legendary street dancers, who have inspired him to perform.

J-Hope‘s love for dancing is known to fans. At the beginning of Hope On The Street, the BTS icon says, “I started with dancing, and dancing is what opened doors for me. So I thought I should look back on the dances I have done.”

J-Hope’s Hope On The Street docu series is a cinematic treat for fans. From the brilliant camera work, where the buildings in the cityscape seamlessly become sound bars in J-Hope’s dancing world, to the singer exploring different countries and their vibes for various album tracks, fans can’t find a dull moment in the entire episode.

Hope On The Street episode 1 gives a glimpse of J-Hope’s upcoming album

BTS J-Hope introduced himself as a dancer before anything in episode 1 of Hope On The Street. He traces back to his dancing roots in Gwangju, his hometown. He says, “Back then, all I could do was dance. I was most confident in dancing. I think all I knew was how to dance. If I didn’t have dance, I wouldn’t be where I am.”

J-Hope, aka Hoseok, joined BigHit Music in 2010 at the age of 16. Before coming to Seoul to join BigHit Music, he was part of an underground dance team, Neuron. The K-pop stunner also took dance classes at Gwangju Music Academy for six years. J-Hope’s title track for the Hope On The Street album is called Neuron, a tribute to his origin as a dancer.

In addition to the brief introduction, J-Hope teases the concept behind each song. He says the track “On The Street” is a perfect definition of who he is. He adds, “I wrote it to encapsulate my determination and emotions about the streets.”

J-Hope also invites famous street dancer Boogaloo Kin, aka Hak Nam Kin, to the show, noting his impact on the street dancing scene of Korea right from the movement’s rising days. Boogaloo Kin has been a known dancer for the last two decades.

J-Hope introduces dance forms close to his heart, syncing with different tracks. The “Jack In The Box” crooner shows his dancing venture in Paris with Boogaloo Kin exploring the House genre. The 30-year-old rapper explains, “House has always been in my inner rhythm in a gentle and subtle way. And dancing to the house genre gives me such a rush.”

Through the documentary, J-Hope will take viewers to different cities and explore different kinds of dancing. While he takes fans to Paris for the house genre, his hip-hop episode is shot in New York. J-Hope quips, “You’ll be able to see firsthand how I slowly lost my cool in New York in the hip-hop episode.”

At the end of the first episode, J-Hope explains the concept behind his new title track, “Neuron,” which will be revealed in the final episode. He mentions the song’s lyrics: “We live to move, and we will keep moving without forgetting about our roots. Because we are Neuron.”

In conclusion, J-Hope’s new documentary will have six episodes in total and run for three weeks. Fans will get two new weekly episodes every Thursday and Friday at 10 a.m. ET/ 7 a.m. PT.

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