Hold Up! Does Harry Styles Have A Tattoo Dedicated To Ex-Girlfriend Olivia Wilde?! SuperNayr

Although Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde broke up months ago, she is staying with him forever, all thanks to the tattoo he seemingly has in honor of her!

According to pictures obtained by Page Six, the 29-year-old singer was spotted on a boat in Bolsena, Italy, with a group of friends, including James Corden and Victoria’s Secret model Jacquelyn Jablonski. While some might be focused on the abs he was showing off in the snaps, others couldn’t help but notice one thing: the name “Olivia” inked in italic font on his thigh. You can ch-ch-check it out (below):

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Hmm. As for whether or not this was dedicated to Olivia remains a mystery. But many fans seem to believe she was the muse behind the tattoo! It wouldn’t be the craziest thing if he did get it for the Don’t Worry Darling director. They were in a relationship for around two years before calling it quits in November of 2022. However, other social media users have their doubts (and strong reactions) about it! Some questioned if the tatt actually spelled out “Olivia,” while others wondered if it was meant to honor the One Direction song of the same name from their Made in the A.M. album. See some of the Twitter reactions (below):

“I will live in blissful ignorance of what that tattoo actually says until I see some Ultra HD 4K resolution photos to prove me wrong because I know my mans wasn’t dumb enough to get a name tattoo.”

“All jokes aside if the tattoo does really say Olivia then it just proves that Harry Styles is human. He done something crazy over a girl he was in love with at one point in time as probably some big romantized gesture. That or the fact he literally wrote a love song called Olivia. Either way it’s something we should laugh about instead of being crazy over.”

“They had a 2 year relationship and he was in love …so he might have got a tattoo with her name…its not surprising ! He might remove it later on who knows…!”

“y’all he got it cuz of the one direction song”

“Can’t believe harry styles is the relationship name tattoo kind of guy actually.”

“Obsessed with Harry Styles’ Olivia tattoo. She must feel so powerful, good for her.

Fans are certainly having a field day with this tatt, huh?! What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Do you think the tattoo was dedicated to Olivia Wilde or the song? Let us know in the comments below!

[Image via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTube, Apple Music/YouTube]

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