Here’s Some ‘Happy’ News: A Sequel To Adam Sandler’s ‘Happy Gilmore’ Is Coming To Netflix SuperNayr

Unlike Happy’s golf ball, Happy Gilmore 2 has found its home. Variety reports that the sequel to the 1996 comedy starring Adam Sandler was officially ordered by Netflix, where many of Sandler’s other films have premiered, including Sandy Wexler and You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah.

Earlier this year, actor Christopher McDonald, who plays sh*t-eating antagonist Shooter McGavin in the original, was the first to confirm the existence of Happy Gilmore 2. “I saw Adam about two weeks ago, and he says to me, ‘McDonald, you’re gonna love this.’ I said, ‘What?’ He says, ‘How about that,’ and he shows me the first draft of Happy Gilmore 2,” he said in a radio interview. “Maybe you should cut that out [of this audio] because I don’t wanna be a liar, but he did show me that, and I thought, ‘Well, that would be awesome.’ So, it’s in the works. Fans demand it, dammit!”

Sandler wants the sequel to be a tribute to original cast members Carl Weathers, Joe Flaherty, and Bob Barker, all of whom have passed away since 2023. “I would love [The Price is Right host] Drew Carey to be in this movie out of respect to Bob,” he said on The Dan Patrick Show. “When we were writing stuff, Bob was alive. When we were writing stuff, Carl Weathers was alive. When we were writing stuff, Joe Flaherty was alive. It sucks, we love those guys. They were such a big part of the movie and just great people. But we’re going to get them involved somehow. They’ll be involved.”

Happy Gilmore 2 does not currently have a release date.

(Via Variety)

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