Ha Yeon Joo And Lee So Yeon Are Tied With A Red Thread In “Without Blood or Tears” Poster SuperNayr

KBS2’s new daily drama “Without Blood or Tears” has dropped a new poster featuring the main characters!

“Without Blood or Tears” tells the tragic story of sisters Lee Hye Won (Lee So Yeon) and Bae Do Eun (Ha Yeon Joo) who were separated at a young age due to their parents’ divorce. When they reunite 20 years later after living very different lives, Bae Do Eun begins to burn with ambition.

Lee So Yeon plays the elder sister Lee Hye Won, who followed after her father as a child after her parents’ divorce. Although Hye Won has lived her life as a puppet for her stepmother Kim Seon Kyung (Yoo Ji Yeon), she appears to have a perfect life on the outside. Ha Yeon Joo portrays the younger sister Bae Do Eun, who followed after her mother as a child. Do Eun suffers from extreme poverty, loneliness, and misfortune but is undeniably charming.

In the newly released poster, Bae Do Eun and Lee Hye Won, who are wearing white dresses, look straight ahead with emotionless faces. A red thread is tangled around their wrists as if it symbolizes their inseparable blood ties. The text that reads, “A cruel story of sisters bound by blood,” stimulates viewers’ curiosity as to what kind of story of desire and revenge will unfold.

“Without Blood or Tears” is set to premiere on January 22 at 7:50 p.m. KST.

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