“Gravity Rush” Film Teased In Sony Reel SuperNayr

Sony Interactive Ent.

Sony has teased a very brief first glimpse of the currently in the works “Gravity Rush” film following its keynote presentation at CES.

The footage looks to be CG concept test footage that is part of a longer ‘Realizing Vision’ clip promoting their Culver City-based advanced visualization facility Torchlight.

The clip sees a character leaping off a building like in the game along with behind-the-scenes footage of an actor suspended in a harness while performing in a motion capture suit.

The project was announced back in August last year, a co-production between PlayStation Productions and Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions.

Both companies are teaming to develop the film adaptation of Project Siren’s 2012 PlayStation Vita action-adventure video game about the amnesiac Kat who has the ability to manipulate gravity.

She uses her powers to defend the floating community of Hekseville from both gravity storms and the mysterious race of monsters known as the Nevi.

Anna Mastro (“Secret Society of Second Born Royals”) is attached to direct from a script by Emily Jerome (“Panopticon”).

The in-person keynote presentation in Vegas also gave a shoutout to the upcoming “The Legend of Zelda” film it is developing and co-financing in conjunction with Nintendo.

Jump to 2:15 in the clip below to check out the “Gravity Rush” test footage.

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