Glenn Powell Believes ‘Twisters’ Has ‘One of the Most Incredible Action Sequences of All Time’: ‘The Most Physical Thing That I’ve Ever Done’ SuperNayr

Haven’t had enough Glen Powell yet? Well don’t worry, the “Anyone but You” and “Hit Man” star will be back on the big screen soon enough with “Minari” director Lee Isaac Chung’s “Twisters.” Coming to theaters July 19, “Twisters” is a sequel to the 1996 disaster film and box office bonanza “Twister,” but features a new, young cast headed by Powell and including Daisy Edgar-Jones, Brandon Perea, and Anthony Ramos. To tease the upcoming blockbuster, all four actors sat down with Fandango to discuss the making of the film and the level of authenticity sought through practical effects.

“There’s a sequence in the movie that I think is going to be one of the most incredible action sequences of all time,” Powell said. “It all happens in a oner and I think that we shot that in December with a rain machine. One of the coldest nights I’ve ever experienced, getting dragged across a pool by a wire.” 

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Trying to capture the experience of getting pulled into a tornado may be something most would save for CGI, but Chung and his team were determined to make the action as real as possible. In recalling the shooting process, Powell said, “This was maybe the most physical thing that I’ve ever done where you’re truly like, you’re talking about humans getting sucked up into a tornado, but you’re recreating what it’s like to be getting hit by debris and all that stuff so you’re watching real stunt men getting sucked up into the sky and you’re watching trucks move across and you’re jumping into a pool and you’re getting dragged and it’s like it’s a fully physical experience.”

But even with all the physical elements at play, Powell and the rest of the company still had to find a way to perform each time “Action!” was called.

“The investment as an actor that you have to have is like it can’t be delicate, it can’t look tender,” Powell said to Fandango. “Tornadoes aren’t tender and you have to put your body on the line in order to sell that experience so I think like the cool part about this cast is that everybody is that invested. Everybody’s willing to put their body on the line to do things that sell the movie, you know, sell the experience.”

“Twisters” premieres in theaters July 19.

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