Gillian Anderson Almost Did “The Fall” S4 SuperNayr


Though she’s had many roles over the years, one of Gillian Anderson’s most celebrated works was her turn as Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson in Allan Cubitt’s highly acclaimed BBC Two drama series “The Fall”.

Co-starring with Jamie Dornan, the series saw her character hunting down Dornan’s married Paul Spector who has been killing young women around Belfast.

The series ran for 17 episodes from 2013-2016, and Anderson received much praise for her role which was a complicated, multi-dimensional character and fascinating enough to keep going with beyond this run.

Speaking with Variety about her work in the Netflix film “Scoop,” Anderson was asked if she would ever reprise her “The Fall” role. She revealed she almost did already:

“We were re-opening up the idea again a few years ago. I approached them about doing a fourth season, set a few years later. We went down that distance and explored the idea but couldn’t quite crack it. We came very close.

Though a fourth season didn’t happen at the time, she says she remains open to returning to the part someday:

Many people ask about it, and I believe she’s the kind of character we could step into her at any time, so I don’t think it’s entirely put to bed.”

She’s spent much of 2024 so far filming “TRON: Ares” about which she says “you should be properly excited” but wouldn’t give anything away.

She adds that working on the film has “whet my appetite for sci-fi” and she’s been in Los Angeles “taking meetings with sci-fi writers” for the first time.

She’s currently shooting the western series “The Abandons” alongside Lena Headey and has “been in cowboy camp for two weeks riding horses and carriages through my town”.

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