Gigi Hadid Attends Taylor Swift's 'Eras Tour,' & She Collected So Many Bracelets SuperNayr

Gigi Hadid was in the crowd supporting her friend Taylor Swift at a recent Eras Tour performance.

The 28-year-old model joined makeup artist Patrick Ta at her most recent show, which took place on Friday night (July 28) in Santa Clara, Calif.

Patrick shared some photos from the event, and Gigi looked like she was having the best time. She also collected so many friendship bracelets (which fans make and trade before and during the show) like any other Swiftie would!

Gigi attended the show a few months after making some very viral comments about the type of fan she is while in the audience at a Taylor Swift show.

Head inside to read more about Gigi Hadid’s night at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour…

Before the tour kicked off, Gigi told E News that she wanted to attend “as many [tour dates] as I can.”

What sort of fan is she? Gigi vowed that she’d be repping merch. She said that she’s “a psychopath at a Taylor show,” adding “I go nuts. I’m not cool at all. I’m like the most embarrassing friend.”

True to her word, this is not the first tour date that Gigi has attended.

Speaking of bracelets, another famous fan revealed that they attempted to give Taylor their phone number when they attended the show. They wrote it on a bracelet, but it didn’t quite make it to the star.

If you missed it, the show featured a special throwback on Taylor‘s part, which she pulled off with help from her opening act.

Check out all of Patrick Ta‘s photos at the Eras Tour with Gigi Hadid.

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