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One of the most notable elements of filmmaker George Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” was its color oversaturation – it was a film filled with bright and luscious colours at a time when others of its ilk were purposely desaturated and bland.

A year after its release, Miller put out a ‘Black and Chrome’ edition of the film, a black-and-white take which he has stated multiple times was the best and originally intended version of the film.

This year’s “Furiosa” is now following in that path it seems – a film heavy with color saturation will get its own “Tinted Black and Chrome” edition – this time turning Simon Duggan’s photography monochrome instead of Fury Road’s now retired cinematographer John Seale.

Speaking on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Miller explains why he chooses to do these editions:

“We’ve done it already. It’s the last thing I did on this film, and I call it “Tinted Black & Chrome,” or I want to call it Tinted Black & Chrome.

I must say, it’s really interesting. I’m still trying to demystify why the black and white, for me, has something more elemental to it. I still can’t quite put my finger on it.

It’s not because they look like old black-and-white movies, it’s something else. It’s like if we took a picture of ourselves right now, it might look a little more dramatic if it was black and white.”

“Furiosa” has received criticism for its more artificial look in reviews, complaints being that it misses Seale’s wide shots and more cinematic feel.

“Furiosa” is in cinemas now. No word as yet when it will be getting a home video release.

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