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The following article contains spoilers for season 3 of The Bad Batch.

From live-action to animation, many Star Wars properties have found a confident foothold thanks to Disney Plus. Now, shows that may not have seen the light of day have become a well-oiled machine.

This includes Dave Filoni’s prolific Star Wars universe. The creative force behind beloved works such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels can now expand the characters developed in these animated series. In addition to creating Ahsoka Tano and Ezra Bridger, Filoni has also given life to the underappreciated Bad Batch. A group of clones established in The Clone Wars, these soldiers were genetically modified men who did not fit into the traditional crop of Clone Troopers. Hunter, Tech, Echo, and Wrecker form a brotherhood of sorts, and invite one more in the first episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

They discover a female clone named Omega, whom they have since devoted their lives to training and protecting. This ragtag group of clones has formed a found family and remained strong well into season 3 of the Disney Plus series.

When does season 3 of The Bad Batch release?

The Bad Batch season 3 premieres February 21, 2024, and will consist of 15 episodes as follows:

  • Episode 1: “Confined” – February 21
  • Episode 2: “Paths Unknown” – February 21
  • Episode 3: “Shadows of Tantiss” – February 21
  • Episode 4: “A Different Approach” – February 28
  • Episode 5: “The Return” — March 6
  • Episode 6: “Infiltration” – March 13
  • Episode 7: “Extraction” – March 13
  • Episode 8: “Bad Territory” – March 20
  • Episode 9: “The Harbinger” — March 27
  • Episode 10: “Identity Crisis” — April 3
  • Episode 11: “Point of No Return” — April 3
  • Episode 12: “Juggernaut” — April 10
  • Episode 13: “Into the Breach” — April 17 
  • Episode 14: “Flash Strike” — April 24 
  • Episode 15: “The Cavalry Has Arrived” — May 1

Each episode airs on Disney Plus and drops on Wednesdays on the platforms. This season, fans can look forward to the long-awaited return of a favorite character from The Clone Wars. Though she dies heroically in the books, Asajj Ventress follows the tradition of many Star Wars characters in the new universe coming back to life.

The former apprentice to Count Dooku, the Force-sensitive Dathomirian was once an adversary for Anakin and Obi-Wan and has since turned into an anti-hero. Cultivating an ire towards the Empire for the massacre of the Nightsisters on her planet, she has been a fascinating character to watch. Fans can see Ventress’ return in season 3 of The Bad Batch, streaming only on Disney Plus.

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