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As they put it, Funko puts the Pop! in pop culture. For all the religious fandom followers, nerds, geeks, and weebs, Funko’s vinyl figures, collectibles, games, apparel, accessories, and keychains are to go crazy for.

Founded by Mike Becker in 1998, Funko has the largest selection of pop culture souvenirs, such as Funko games, die-cast models, personalized Pops, and Pop! vinyl figures. The company has since produced thousands of products across dozens of different fandoms since its inception. However, it is most famous for its Pop! line of products.

In essence, the Funko “pops” are figures fashioned after the Japanese chibi aesthetic. Large, round black eyes, abnormally small bodies, and squarish heads characterize the figurines that come in various outfits and poses. The company’s Pop! catalog covers a variety of fan-favorite characters from beloved video games, anime & manga, animation & cartoons, comics & superheroes, movies & tv, music, sci-fi, sports, ad icons, retro toys, and more.

Funko Pop! already has the most charming vinyl figures and collectibles from internationally loved franchises like Marvel, DC, Disney, and Star Wars. In the anime category, it has sold thousands of Dragon BallMy Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Pokemon, and Jujutsu Kaisen figures. Now, for the fans of Eiichiro Oda’s legendary anime & manga, One Piece is on the list too!

If you’ve always wanted to own your personal Zoro, Sanji, Luffy, or heck, even Big Mom, now is the time to hop in on the Funko Pop! website. Here is a list of all One Piece Funko Pops available on the website and their respective prices:

Chance of Chase One Piece Funko Pop list

Sniper King, Soba Mask, and Red Hawk Luffy Funko Pops
Images via Funko.com

For the unversed, “Chance of Chase” refers to the production of a figure featuring a chase variant—that is, a different, slightly altered version of the character. This could indicate that it has different hair, is dressed differently, etc. You have a 1 in 6 chance of getting the figure’s chase version when you buy a figure with a chance of chase.

  • Jinbe – $12.00
  • Sniper King – $15.00
  • Soba Mask – $15.00
  • Red Hawk Luffy – $15.00
Choppermon and Luffy Gear Four Funko Pops
Images via Funo.com

A product with the label “Flock” indicates that certain portions of the normally smooth and hard figure have been covered in a layer of fabric to give it a fuzzy, soft touch. Similarly, a product with a “Metallic” label indicates that, despite having a comparable appearance to their regular equivalents, some of its paints have a metallic sheen.

  • Choppermon in Wano Outfit (Flocked)-$15.00
  • Luffy Gear Four (Metallic) – $15.00

Super One Piece Funko Pop list

Big Mom, Franosuke, and Kaido Funko Pops
Images via Funko.com

If you see “Super” written over a product, it simply means that the figure is at least 6 inches tall. Characters that are larger than most others in their source material typically get these. Think Hagrid from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter type thing!

  • Franosuke in Wano Outfit – $25.00
  • Kaido (Man-Beast Form) – 25.00
  • Big Mom with Homies – $35.00

One Piece Funko Pop list

Katakuri, Usohachi, Orobi, and Roronoa Zoro Funko Pops!
Images via Funko.com
  • Keychain Luffutaro – $5.00
  • Choppermon in Wano Outfit -$12.00
  • Snake Man Luffy – $12.00
  • Usohachi in Wano Outfit – $12.00
  • Sangoro in Wano Outfit – $12.00
  • Orobi in Wano Outfit – $12.00
  • Onami in Wano Outfit – $12.00
  • Roronoa Zoro (Green hair)- $12.00
  • Roronoa Zoro (Blue hair)- $12.00
  • Sabo – $12.00
  • Vinsmoke Sanji – $12.00
  • Portgas D. Ace – $12.00
  • Tonytony. Chopper – $12.00
  • Luffy Gear Five – $12.00
  • Carrot in White Hat – $12.00
  • Katakuri – $12.00
  • Deluxe Hungry Big Mom – $30.00

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