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Julia Butters The Gray Man

Julia Butters Boards Freaky Friday 2

Julia Butters, the acclaimed child actress from Quentin Tarantino‘s Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, has been cast in the forthcoming, Freaky Friday 2.

When Julia Butters appeared opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Quentin Tarantino’s 2019 gem, Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, a young star was born. Now, the up-and-coming actress will be taking on a role in a more family-friendly comedy, Freaky Friday 2. Mark Waters, the director of the original Freaky Friday remake from 2003, has been replaced by Nisha Ganatra (The High Note) to helm the sequel which is hopefully going to reunite Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. It is unclear if the movie will be made for the theaters or to stream on Disney+.

Butters has had a fair share of high-profile supporting roles over the past few years. She was recently seen in Netflix’s action picture. The Gray Man, where she played opposite Ryan Gosling before he played Ken in Barbie. More noteworthy was Butters’s well-crafted, but brief, turn in 2022’s Oscar-bait Steven Spielberg project, The Fabelmans.

Still, Butters’s most exceptional role to date was in the 2019 Tarantino picture. Butters acted up a storm in her amusing part and held her own and then some against the likes of an Oscar-nominee for the film, Leonardo DiCaprio. It is now uncertain what Butters’s role will be in Freaky Friday 2 at this particular point in time. However, her casting is delightful news for her slew of fans that remember her exceptional work in Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.

Freaky Friday, the original remake from 2003, was a blockbuster hit that offered audiences one of Jamie Lee Curtis’s funniest roles ever. She and Lohan’s character in the film switched places in a body-switch comedy that was one of the best films in that genre. It was followed up by the unrelated but similar 13 Going on 30 a year later which did well but not as well as Freaky Friday did from a financial standpoint. Nisha Ganatra, the director of the upcoming sequel, also made a movie called Late Night which was a critical audience success that starred Emma Thompson and Mindy Kaling.

Julia Butters played a character based on Steven Spielberg’s sister in the Oscar-nominated The Fabelmans but she is still waiting for her big breakout role that will make her a true Hollywood movie star to family audiences. If all goes as planned, her part in Freaky Friday 2 could be just what Butters needs to eventually become a box-office draw. She has charm, and sophistication that will work well opposite the likes of Curtis and Lohan in the upcoming sequel which should do well on whichever platform Disney decides to release it through.

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