‘Fighting for my son’: Mom locked in legal battle to clear 11-year-old son’s name after Elementary school teacher accuses him of stealing her phone SuperNayr

Sending your kid to school can be a stressful and scary experience, especially at a new school.

Whether it’s worrying about whether or not they’ll make friends or if they’ll do well in their classes, there can certainly be a lot of concerns, something that Felicia on TikTok knows all too well.

Felicia and her family recently moved to a new town and her son, who has a learning disability, had already been having some trouble with his new teacher. Then one day, the school called her to come pick him up because he was sick.

After she took him home and went back to work, she got a call that her son’s teacher believed that he had taken her cell phone. Felecia checked her son’s backpack when she got home to find it empty and thought that would be the end of it.

Unfortunately for Felicia and her son, that simple answer was not enough for the school. The teacher brought her son in for questioning, and Felicia says her son was coerced into admitting to taking a phone that she believed he didn’t take. They even told her that they found the phone but refused to disclose where they found it.

The teacher was so adamant that the boy had taken her phone that she decided to file a report against him with the police, entering the family into an expensive legal process. Commenters are equally outraged, and encouraged her to lawyer up ASAP and have her son switch schools.

Felicia hired a lawyer and has taken her son to several court dates — he even was submitted to questioning, and had to pose for a mug shot. He is an eleven-year-old fifth grader.

After hiring a lawyer, she learned that the phone had been thrown out of a window, and was found several miles from her house, away from a route she would normally or has ever taken. She explained that the reason they cited for accusing her son so heavily was that two kids in his class had admitted to seeing him with a phone on that day. One said that they saw him slip a phone into his pocket while standing at the teacher’s desk the day he went home sick.

Some commenters were curious as to why Felicia was so quick to believe her son, saying that sometimes we like to believe the best in our kids and can’t see when they’ve done something wrong. Felicia answered that right off the bat she had been suspicious, checking his backpack and pockets for the stolen phone, and even asking him about it directly.

But she noted that she would’ve noticed if her son had thrown a phone out the window when she took him home on the day he was sent home sick, and that she wasn’t the kind of mother who would be an accomplice to her child stealing a teacher’s property. Not only that, but the phone was found very far out of their way.

Admittedly, two witnesses saying that they saw her son with a phone is a little suspicious. But Felicia noted that he has a phone of his own that he keeps in his pocket, which his classmates very well could’ve mistaken for the stolen one.

Not only that, but she says one of the witnesses takes the bus that goes on the exact route where the phone was found, but the school refused to pull the bus footage.

She also shared that her son had never gotten into any trouble in school before moving. Although his learning disability took some adjustments and he would sometimes get frustrated, she believes that she’s opened every line of communication and given teachers every research to work with him and make sure he is a successful student. However, she noted that this school seemed less willing to accommodate his needs and the teacher didn’t seem to be willing to work with her.

Despite the expenses and drama from the school, Felicia decided to stand her ground and fight the charges against her son, and the internet is 100% behind her.

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