EXCLUSIVE: Dunki Box Office: Shah Rukh Khan Starrer Crossed 423 Cr Worldwide Gross And 209.50 Cr Nett At The End Of 2nd Week, A Clean Hit Heading For 465 Cr Plus Worldwide! SuperNayr

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is all set to deliver third mega hit of the year with his film Dunki, directed by Rajkumar Hirani. Film released on 21st December all over. 

Dunki is a comedy-drama film that marks the first collaboration between Shah Rukh Khan and Rajkumar Hirani, who is known for his blockbuster films like Munna Bhai series, PK, 3 Idiots and Sanju. The film also stars Boman Irani, Vicky Kaushal and Taapsee Pannu in pivotal roles. The film is co-written by Hirani, Abhijat Joshi and Kanika Dhillon.

Dunki Crossed Fantastic 49 Cr Nett India 2nd Week

Despite clash and genre limit, SRK’s Dunki held solid on 2nd Friday with 7.10 cr nett. Film grew on 2nd Saturday and collected 9.92 cr nett. Film jumped again on 2nd Sunday and collected 11.25 cr nett. With new year advantage, film managed to cross 10.85 cr nett. Film collected 3.73 cr nett on 2nd Tuesday followed by 3.35 cr nett on 2nd Wednesday and 3 cr nett on Thursday. After collecting 40 cr nett in 4 days over 2nd weekend, film crossed 49.20 cr nett in 2nd week which was decent hold.

Film crossed 209.43 cr nett in 15 days after 2nd week and it will cross 225 cr nett by end of 3rd weekend. Film has crossed 423 crore worldwide gross. Film is heading for ‘super hit’ tag due to moderate budget and such a business despite ‘drama’ genre.

Dunki Crossed 160 Cr Nett India And 323 Cr Worldwide Gross In Week One

SRK’s Dunki has taken superb start on expected lines. Film did well on day one despite being mid week release and drama genre. Film opened to good occupancy and continued to increase as day passed. Though word of mouth seems mixed but still film should sail through on power of family audience and urban class.

Film collected 29.20 cr nett on day one which was good considering mid week release and drama genre. Despite lot of social media nonsense, loss of screens to Salaar and ‘so called’ mixed reports, film held solid on day two today. Film collected 20.12 cr nett.

As expected on day 3, good word of mouth came into play and family audience lapped the film specially in urban markets. Film jumped by 33% and should collect around 25.61 cr nett. Film collected biggest day of run on day 4 with 30.70 cr nett with another jump. Film took advantage of Christmas and collected 24.32 cr nett on day 5. Film dropped on Tuesday on expected lines but still managed to clock double digit with 11.56 cr nett. Film remained in double digit on Wednesday too and collected 10.50 cr nett. Film added 8.21 cr nett on Thursday. 

Film has extended 1st week 8 day total of 160.23 cr nett. Film has crossed 323 cr worldwide gross with $16.48 million overseas number in extended 1st week in 8 days.

Dunki Worldwide Box Office Collection

1st Week: 160.23 cr
2nd Week: 49.20 cr
Total: 209.43 cr nett

1st Week: $16.48M
2nd Week: $4.98M
Total: $21.46M

1st Week: 323.77 cr
2nd Week: 99.33 cr
Total: 423.10 cr gross

Breakdown Of Dunki Box Office Collections


Thursday: 29.20 cr

Friday: 20.12 cr

Saturday: 25.61 cr 

Sunday: 30.70 cr

Monday: 24.32 cr

Tuesday: 11.56 cr

Wednesday: 10.50 cr

Thursday: 8.21 cr 

1st Week: 160.23 cr nett

2nd Week: 

Friday: 7.10 cr

Saturday: 9.92 cr

Sunday: 11.25 cr

Monday: 10.85 cr

Tuesday: 3.73 cr

Wednesday: 3.35 cr

Thursday: 3 cr

2nd Week: 49.20 cr nett

Total: 209.43 cr nett


Day 1: $2.83 million (23.50 cr)

Day 2: $2.60 million (21.65 cr)

Day 3: $2.84 million (23.60 cr) 

Day 4: $2.14 million (17.78 cr)

Day 5: $2 million (16.57 cr)

Day 6: $1.82 million (15.17 cr)

Day 7: $1.14 million (9.48 cr)

Day 8: $1.11 million (9.10 cr)

1st Week: $16.48 million (127.75 cr)

2nd Week: 

Day 9: $0.93 million (7.77 cr)

Day 10: $1.14 million (9.49 cr)

Day 11: $0.76 million (6 cr)

Day 12: $0.84 million (7 cr)

Day 13: $0.61 (5.08 cr)

Day 14: $0.40 million (3.32 cr)

Total: $21.16 million (165.40 cr)

Worldwide gross:

Day 1: 58 cr 

Day 2: 45.40 cr

Day 3: 53.82 cr

Day 4: 53.91 cr

Day 5: 45.27 cr

Day 6: 26.73 cr

Day 7: 21.87 cr

Day 8: 18.77 cr

1st Week: 323.77 cr 

2nd Week:

Day 9: 16.33 cr 

Day 10: 21.20 cr

Day 11: 19.30 cr

Day 12: 19.80 cr

Day 13: 9.49 cr 

Day 14: 7.21 cr

Total: 417.10 cr

Dunki Beats Dilwale And Now Set To Become 3rd Highest Worldwide Grosser For SRK Beating Chennai Express

Shah Rukh Khan’s latest release Dunki has crossed 400 crore worldwide on day 12 of its run. This film has surpassed 394 crore worldwide gross of Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale and thus now it’s only behind JawanPathaan and Chennai Express, all three highest grossing Hindi films of respective time. 

1. Jawan: 1156 crore 

2. Pathaan: 1050 crore

3. Chennai Express: 424 crore 

4. Dunki: 417.10 crore (14 days & still running)

5. Diwale: 384 crore 

Dunki will cross Chennai Express too in next weekend and will end up as third highest grosser for SRK, all top 3 grossers of actor released in 2023.

Dunki Scores Big In Overseas 

Following is the rough break up of weekend overseas number:

United States – USD 2,550,000
Canada – USD 750,000
Middle East – USD 2,750,000 Approx
Australia – USD 900,000
New Zealand – USD 125,000
Bangladesh – USD 125,000
Rest of Asia – USD 500,000
United Kingdom – USD 900,000
Germany – USD 300,000
Rest of Europe – USD 375,000
Rest of World – USD 250,000

Total – USD 1,045,000 / Rs. 78 crore

Grand Total: USD 10.41 million

About Dunki

Dunki released on December 21, is produced by Gauri Khan, Rajkumar Hirani, and Jyoti Deshpande under the banners of Jio Studios, Red Chillies Entertainment and Rajkumar Hirani Films. The film is distributed by Yash Raj Films internationally.

Dunki is Shah Rukh Khan’s third release of the year, after Jawan and Pathaan, both of which were blockbuster hits. Dunki is also Rajkumar Hirani’s first film after five years, since his last film Sanju in 2018. Dunki is expected to be another masterpiece from the director, who is known for his socially relevant and entertaining films. Dunki is also the first collaboration between Shah Rukh Khan and Rajkumar Hirani, which has raised the expectations of the fans and the critics alike.

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