Esposito’s First MCU Is “Captain America”? SuperNayr


“The Mandalorian” and “The Boys” star Giancarlo Esposito recently confirmed he’s been cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a role that “you won’t predict”.

The most revealing information about it he has given so far, beyond it being a character who hasn’t appeared in the MCU to date, is that it’s being teased somewhere first – likely in a film next year – ahead of a more regular Disney+ series appearance.

Now, Murphy’s Multiverse reports that Esposito’s MCU debut will be in next year’s “Captain America: Brave New World”. The film was shot in early 2023 for a release this month and managed to finish just before the strikes began.

Seeing what they had, Marvel Studios executives opted to overhaul the film and enlisted Matthew Orton, who previously worked as a consulting producer on Marvel’s “Moon Knight” series, to pen new scenes as part of extensive reshoots.

The outlet claims Esposito’s character was added during the rewrites, one dubbed an “antagonistic agent of chaos” and “a serious thorn in Sam Wilson’s side.” Nexus News adds that according to public city records, those reshoots are now underway in Atlanta.

What role Esposito will have isn’t clear, so it’s not certain where he might appear after this. Disney+ has two shows in 2025: “Ironheart,” which wrapped production ages ago, and “Daredevil: Born Again,” which finished relatively recently.

“Captain America: Brave New World” opens in cinemas February next year.

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