Emma Roberts Once Took Back A Gift She Gave Her Ex After Finding Out 'How Much It Was Worth'! SuperNayr

A warning to any potential exes of Emma Roberts! She will not hesitate to take back a gift she once gave — especially if it’s worth a good chunk of change!

During a tour of her home in Los Angeles for Architectural Digest, the 33-year-old actress showed off her TV room, where she and her family “spend the most time” in. The space is full of comfy chairs, her 3-year-old son Rhodes’ toys, a television (obviously), and “the start of a Joni Mitchell shrine.” It is even home to a gift she once gave to a former partner and took back! No, we are not joking!

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Fans know Emma is a massive bookworm. So it comes as no surprise there’s a shelf behind the couch in her TV room filled with books, including a Charles Portis novel, Norwood, that did not initially belong to her. The Scream Queens alum gifted it to a boyfriend but later got it back from him when they broke up. Why? She found out how much it was worth and wanted to keep it! She explained:

“This is a book I actually gave as a gift to my ex, but then we broke up. I saw how much it was worth and I kept it.”

OMG, Emma!!

It is unknown if her book is a signed copy or a first edition. However, Etsy showed the novel in similar condition — which is a “rare find” and “vintage from the 1960s” — costs a whopping $4,500! Damn! If that is how much Emma discovered her copy was worth, it is no wonder she took back the gift!

We wonder how her ex reacted! And who even is the ex-boyfriend in question?? The Unfabulous star gave zero hints about his identity, unfortunately. But as you may know, she previously dated Hayden Christensen, Christopher Hines, Evan Peters, and Garrett Hedlund. Could it have been any of them? Or was it a different ex? Hmm. We may never find out! Not unless he comes forward or she spills the beans! Watch her house tour (below):

Reactions, Perezcious readers? Would you ever take back a gift from a former partner? Or do you find that to be in poor taste? Thoughts on who you think her ex in this story could be? Let us know in the comments!

[Image via Architectural Digest/YouTube]

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