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Drew Barrymore has rules when it comes to her kids and acting!

The 49-year-old Scream star is a mom to daughters Olive, 11, and Frankie, 10. Several of Drew‘s family members, including her father, grandfather, and great grandparents, were actors. She started her acting career as a young child in the 1980s.

Drew recently addressed whether she wants her children to pursue acting and at what age she would allow them to!

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“When I first had kids, I remember people asking me like, ‘Well, would you want your kids to go into the business?’ And it always gave me such a sad feeling, as if this business was so toxic, like, ‘Ew,’” she told People in an interview published on Sunday (April 14). “And I just thought, that’s not how I feel about this business at all. It has given me every opportunity under the sun and I couldn’t appreciate my life more.”

Drew described her kids’ passion for art and revealed whether they want to act professionally.

“My kids ask me all the time — they would love to be in film or on social media or sing or whatever. I always just say, ‘School plays, theater camp, everything [yes],’” she shared. “But being in the public eye, [no] until…’ And then they say, ‘Well, what’s the number?’ And I always say, ‘I know you want an answer, and I know the fact that I can’t give you one that’s so specific isn’t satisfying, but it’s going to be a feeling. It’s going to be when I think you’re ready.”

Drew then gave her best estimate of when she would be ready to see her children enter Hollywood.

“As a parent, I would really love to support my kids when they’re older. Again, what number is that? I don’t know, but it’s not 13 and it’s probably not 14,” she explained. “It’s up there, but your kid will present themselves in a way where you’ve got to listen to them and support them and trust them. And I don’t know what number that is, but it’s probably north of 14, 15.”

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