Drake shares nail-biting video of pilots landing his private jet in thick fog SuperNayr

Drake has posted a heart-stopping video showing pilots landing his private jet in very low visibility.

The Canadian rapper, 37, shared the clip, which was shot from inside the cockpit, on his Instagram account.

It shows the plane descending through thick fog, with the runway only becoming visible shortly before the plane safely touches down.

Drake captioned the video: “There’s a couple landings I love on Air Drake but tbh the low visibility is the most exciting it makes your heart drop a bit…lucky I got the best putting this s*** wheels down.”

In the comments section, his followers reacted to the frightening footage with one writing: “That’s wild, I would have lost it. Props to you staying player on that landing.”

“Scary hours,” wrote another.

Drake played two concerts in Kansas City last weekend, making headlines when he generously pledged to pay off the mortgage of a fan’s late mother.

He was performing on his It’s All A Blur Tour – Big As The What? at the city’s T-Mobile Centre on Saturday (2 March) when a concertgoer passed him a note.

In a video of the touching moment posted on X/Twitter, Drake opens the note and reads it aloud.

“This is it? You said, ‘Pay off my mom’s house, rest in peace.’ Your mom passed away?” he asks. “And you owe – Oh, this is the outstanding balance right here? It’s a lot of money right here, but you know what? I’m going to pay off your momma’s house for you.”

He adds: “This is a lot of money right here! That’s 160 bands [$160,000], but imma pay out of my pocket. That’s gonna come from me. Rest in peace to your momma… Jennifer Schumer. Rest in piece. I love you.”

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Drake in Los Angeles in 2019

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Drake’s offer comes days after he reportedly gifted another fan $25,000 at a Buffalo, New York concert. The fan had been holding a sign that read: “Beat stage four cancer just in time for Drake #godsplan.”

The Grammy winner kicked off his tour with J Cole on 2 February in Tampa, Florida. The two are scheduled to perform several dates across North America before ending in Denver, Colorado in April.

Meanwhile, more alleged details about his “leaked” X-rated clip came to light over the weekend.

According to US podcaster Adam22, who claims to have spoken to Drake, the singer was “threatened” by the tape’s release.

“Drake told me they had kind of been like threatening him with it,” Adam22 said (via TMZ), adding: “I don’t know if they were asking for money specifically but he had known this might come out for a couple of weeks before it came out.”

Adam22 also said Drake brushed off suggestions that he himself had anything to do with the alleged leak, and is said to have told him: “Nah, that ain’t my style.”

In early February, Drake began trending on social media after a video allegedly showing him engaging in a sex act was released.

Drake appeared to respond to the alleged leak, apparently sending “eight laughing emojis” to popular Kick streamer Adin Ross when confronted about the video.

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