Drake Confuses — Or Trolls — Fans With ‘Wah Gwan Delilah’… Which Might Be AI-Generated SuperNayr

This AI stuff has gotten out of hand lately. There’s no telling if any song is real or if someone typed a prompt. And, as if to drive home the point, no less an authority on the subject than Drake (of course) has put in an appearance to either troll fans or prove just how unfazed he is by his recent battle with Kendrick Lamar.

A few minutes ago, someone called Snowd4y dropped a new song called “Wah Gwan Delilah” on SoundCloud, purporting to feature Drake himself. The song is a clear riff on the 2006 Plain White T’s hit “Hey There Delilah,” employing Caribbean patois to replace the standard greeting in from the original’s title.

Either the mixing on Drake’s vocals is weird, or fans just can’t believe that he’d really do something this corny, so X.com (formerly Twitter.com) has lit up with fan responses wondering if the track is authentic or AI-generated. (For what it’s worth, according to the Drake subreddit, Snowd4y’s whole thing is doing a cheeky satire of a Toronto rudeboy, so perhaps the whole thing is meant to be a joke that fans are, of course, taking way too seriously.)

Complicating matters is the fact that Drake himself has posted a screenshot of the song from SoundCloud on his Instagram Story, writing “@snowd4y wake up the city 😂 😮‍💨” Whether this means that he’s amused by the audacious stunt by Snowd4y or that he really does support the track remains unclear.


You can check out the track from SoundCloud below.

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