Donald Trump Rages at Fox News Coverage of His $454 Million Penalty: ‘It Should Be $ZERO’ SuperNayr

Donald Trump is unhappy with how Fox News is covering his looming debt of $454 million, plus interest — the payment’s due Monday. Trump didn’t name the offending show, but Sunday afternoon he wrote on Truth Social that the debt in question “should be $ZERO.”

Trump’s entire post read, “Don’t Like the way Fox News is reporting the Letitia James Election Interference Scam. They don’t want to discuss how ridiculous the Corrupt Judge’s fine of 450 Million Dollars is.

“It should be $ZERO. The only fraud was the valuation of Mar-a-Lago at $18,000,000 by the Crooked Judge in order to help his already fully debunked narrative. They should pay me damages for what they have done, and ultimately will. THESE ARE NOT THE PEOPLE THAT MADE AMERICA GREAT, THESE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT ARE DESTROYING AMERICA!”

It was unclear how much of that rage was about Fox News versus the judge and New York attorney general Letitia James, but he seemed to have plenty for everyone.

Trump’s son Eric also appeared on “Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Baritiromo” earlier Sunday. He told the host, “Every single person when I came to them saying can I get a half-billion dollar bond… Maria, they were laughing. They were laughing.”

He also repeated the Trump family’s belief that Mar-a-Lago, the GOP candidate’s Florida base, was undervalued by the judge in Trump’s New York case.

Trump himself repeated that claim early Sunday morning, also on Truth Social. He wrote, “The Judge in the A.G. case FRAUDULENTLY UNDERVALUED MAR-A-LAGO AT $18,000,000 IN ORDER TO CREATE HIS FAKE NARRATIVE. HE IS GROSSSLY INCOMPETENT AND CORRUPT! I SHOULD HAVE ZERO FINE.”

The network also shared a clip online of members of Congress from both the Democratic and Republican parties reacting to the potential seizure of Trump’s property.

Despite his apparent concern about the monstrous debt and how it will be paid, Trump will spend Sunday night at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach. As he explained, he will “receive THE CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY & THE SENIOR CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY.”

“I WON BOTH!” Trump continued. “A large and golfing talented membership, a GREAT and difficult course, made the play very exciting. The qualifying and match play was amazing. A large and distinguished group will be there tonight. Very exciting, thank you!!!”

If Trump is unable to secure a bond to pay his penalty, a multitude of his assets could potentially be seized. These include homes, helicopters, buildings and even his plane. James is likely to instruct New York banks to freeze Trump’s accounts first before seizing any properties, experts have noted.

The process of seizing properties is more complex, CNN reported. After a property is identified in New York, prosecutors will give the sheriff’s office an execution order. The sheriff will then post a notice for the property in three different places. AG James’ office will also be required to advertise the notice four times. After that, the property will become available for public auction 63 days later. Seizing properties in other states would be an even more complicated task.

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