Donald Trump adds a registered sex offender and a serial killer to growing list of ‘Why I shouldn’t be the U.S. President’ SuperNayr

Yes, yes, under President Joe Biden the rate of unemployment has lowered, he continues to recognize the rights of women, etc etc. But can he bring the dead back to life or write love letters in praise of a serial killer, but attract more mockery instead of horror in the process? Nope, because that is Donald Trump’s area of expertise.

Just so you can dive into this with the main factor in mind — all this happened in a span of a few hours during Trump’s rally in New Jersey.

Like every one of his speeches, the former president felt the need to barf a garbled word salad remembering a renowned figure and pointing out how “great” they are. Two problems: This time, the person he decided to admire is a serial killer, and the second problem? 

The ruthless murderer in question is fictional.

Yep, yep, Hannibal Lecter, the fictional cannibal who ate people has now earned Trump’s respect… and seemingly his belief that the serial killer was real and is now dead. Or the GOP candidate has the power to make fictional characters real, just like he makes his non-existent brain cells look real for the MAGAs.

He went on to state how Biden has allowed “people like Hannibal Lecter with mental & violent history into this country.” Okay, but didn’t he just call him a “wonderful man?” Anyway, keep your ears and eyes peeled, who knows Darth Vader might sneak into the border one day.

But don’t think for even a second that the rally didn’t include Trump unashamedly comparing himself to someone who is truly a legend.

Talking about crowds, evidently, even Trump’s MAGA cult has its limits as they were seen leaving his speech as he rambled on and on, making less and less sense as he went on.

But of course, he didn’t have the time to notice any of it as he was busy exercising his second superpower – magically finding the support of people like him. During the NJ rally, Trump ushered a registered sex offender to the stage — his golfing buddy and NFL player, Lawrence Taylor, who got his current status in 2011 after having sex with a minor and defending himself by saying he thought she was a prostitute and was 19. During her court appearances, she alleged that she was beaten and forced to go to Taylor, who she believed could see that she was punched and was way too young (via The New York Times).

Joining him on stage was another NFL player, Otis “OJ” Anderson, but between Trump’s penchant for forgetting that Barack Obama is no longer the president, seeing things that don’t exist (aka, his intelligence), rambling about a fictional killer, and him bragging about the late OJ Simpson being his golfing buddy, pointing out Lawrence and “OJ” in the crowd only earned him more jibes aimed at his failing cognitive abilities.

So, Trump didn’t lose his mind for one second and actually said the correct names? Given what the rest of the speech contained — insane words that make up his entire career — you can see why believing the twice-indicted ex-president can see ghosts was the first answer everyone jumped to.

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