Does ‘Solo Leveling Arise’ have a global release date? SuperNayr

After winning the hearts of millions of anime fans, the legendary K-Webtoon Solo Leveling is now set to resurrect as an action role-playing game. Are you excited to level up and become the world’s strongest hunter?

The awe-inspiring tale of Sung Jin-woo recently transcended its original medium, catering to an audience of 14.3 billion. The Solo Leveling anime, produced by A-1 Pictures, swiftly became one of the biggest titles of 2024 after its release in January. Despite being a single-cour anime, the narrative has captivated fans globally, entering polls to become the anime of the year.

Though the first season of Solo Leveling is wrapping up soon after episode 12, fans will not miss the Hunters’ world for too long. The popular South Korean game developer Netmarble has announced an action RPG titled Solo Leveling: Arise for fans to experience Jin-woo’s story firsthand. With the new game, fans won’t just witness his narrative, but step into his shoes to become the world’s strongest hunter.

The action mobile game will be available for Android, iOS, and PC, and pre-registration has already opened for dedicated fans waiting to gain early access. Here’s the official global release date for Solo Leveling: Arise and more about the gameplay!

Solo Leveling: Arise global release date

Teaser images and art from Solo Leveling: Arise are already in circulation, and the official global release date for Solo Leveling: Arise is announced to be Wednesday, May 8, 2024. However, the game will be soft-launched in Canada and Thailand before the global release, starting March 21, 2024, at UTC+0. Players can pre-register via the official website, Google Play, App Store, or Netmarble Launcher.

Moreover, the pre-registration will get players exciting rewards like a Sung Jinwoo Chic Black Suit Costume, two Mana Power Crystals for all 10 attributes, Legendary Artifact Sets, and 100,000 Gold to kickstart players’ journeys. Players will also get a chance to obtain Jinwoo’s cherished partner/hunter, Yoo Jinho via this pre-registration momentum (via PR Newswire).

The game will support six languages during the Early Access period— English, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Thai. More languages, including various European languages, will be added upon the game’s global launch.

Solo Leveling: Arise gameplay information

Netmarble has also dedicated a page for its upcoming game, detailing the story, characters, and gameplay. You can read the official story for Solo Leveling: Arise, and learn more about the characters through their detailed descriptions. The gameplay information on the website details its features as:

  • Play as Sung Jinwoo, the main character from the webtoon. Level up to learn new skills! Experience beautiful, action-filled gameplay and dynamic combat through various skill and weapon combinations!
  • Take on fast-paced gameplay by teaming up with hunters from the original webtoon.
    Master each hunter’s abilities and form strategies to combine their powers to quickly clear each gate!
  • Extract your defeated enemy’s shadows and have them fight by your side; just like the original webtoon! Become the Monarch of Shadows through Shadow Extraction. Form your own Army of Shadows.
  • Magic beasts from the original webtoon are waiting to challenge you inside every gate.
    Form strategies using various skills, hunters, and tactics to defeat them!

I would advise you to mark your calendars, but you all are way ahead of me, aren’t you?

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