“Doctor Who” ‘The Daleks’ To Rebroadcast SuperNayr


The very first “Doctor Who” story involving The Daleks, understandably titled “The Daleks,” is set to be colorized and rebroadcast later this month as part of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the franchise.

Originally transmitted from December 1963 to February 1964, the seven-part story was the second overall serial to air after the very first ‘Who’ story, the four-part “An Unearthly Child”.

Penned by British sci-fi writing icon Terry Nation, who went on to create “Blake’s 7” and “Survivors,” the story sees the TARDIS landing in a petrified jungle on the dead planet Skaro.

Exploring a nearby metal city, the crew are captured by the Daleks, a race of mutated creatures living in mobile battle armor. As they attempt to escape, they discover more about the planet’s history and the ensuing nuclear war.

The original story was criticised for its length, clocking in at seven 25-minute episodes (175 minutes). This new take has been colourised and re-edited down into a 75-minute version to appeal to modern audiences. This feature-length take will also offer new sound design and will adapt Tristram Cary’s original score with additional material by Mark Ayres to fit the shorter edit.

This new take “The Daleks” will air on BBC Four on the 23rd November 2023. The original black-and-white seven-part story is currently available as part of the recently launched Whoniverse section on the BBC’s iPlayer. The new film version will join it there after it airs.

Source: DoctorWho.tv

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