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I’ve watched a lot of The Traitors, as well as being in it, once. This game is as chaotic as they come, and so to say one could ever accurately predict the end would be preposterous. So I’m going to do it.

Eight players remain in The Traitors UK, with three episodes remaining. We have the traitors Harry and Andrew, plus their new recruit Ross. Then our five faithfuls are Zack, Jasmine, Jaz, Evie and Mollie. Given their theories, actions, and alliances so far, along with the way previous endgames have panned out, it should be possible to predict how the final few moves will pan out. So…let’s get to it.

How will The Traitors season 2 end? Here are what I see as the crucial factors that will decide the endgame.

Harry’s genius shield plan is about to hit the castle like an earthquake

Harry from 'The Traitors UK' season 2
Image via BBC One

When Harry reveals his shield at breakfast in episode 10, the intention is to cover for the recruitment of Ross, cement Harry’s faithfulness, and explain why he’s not getting murdered. If he survives this, he still has another murder or two to dodge before the finale (likely only one, given the number of players left and the producers tending to keep five for the final day). But the cleverest part of this shield bluff, and the thing that may well get him to the final after all, is who he told.

Mollie, Zack and Jaz know about the shield. Andrew (and maybe Ross?) also do, but only because of Traitors’ Tower. In the morning, once the shield’s been dangled over the kitchen table, suspicion will naturally fall on the players who didn’t know about the shield’s existence: Jasmine, Evie, plus Andrew and Ross if they don’t lie about it. A suspicion on those four players, plus the belief that there’s probably two traitors left, means that much of the banishment energy will fall on those four players. I can easily see Jasmine and Andrew being banished before the final, but honestly the other two are just as ripe for the chop.

Of course, Harry’s plan may not work. Let’s say they banish Jasmine and discover she’s a faithful. They might doubt their constructed world and suspect that Harry was a traitor all along. It will be fascinating to see if this gamble pays off.

Jaz has Harry’s number

From way back in episode 5, we know that detective Jaz (Jazandra? Jazatha Christie) has squared the circle on the Paul/Harry axis. He fed Harry the idea that if he got murdered, the culprit was Paul, then Harry warned Paul about it in Traitors’ Tower, and finally Paul told Jaz that he knew what he’d said to Harry. Follow? So…Jaz (correctly) surmised that the only reason Harry would’ve tattle-taled was if they were both traitors. He’s hung onto this information, never quite having the influence, or perhaps initiative, to pull the trigger. But with fewer and fewer players in the game, it’ll be easier and easier to rustle up the numbers to banish Harry based on this crucial clue. Will this be the end for Harry?

The boys’ club brought Ross on to be a sacrifice

Ross from 'The Traitors UK' season 2
Image via BBC One

He’s already under suspicion and he stood by Paul for way too long. Pinning the Traitor badge on Ross will be super easy if Harry wants to do it. The problem for him is that he’s already earned a reputation as a traitor hunter. You have to feel like Mollie is one stiff breeze away from connecting the dots here, and if she doesn’t, someone else surely will. He’s popping Traitors left right and centre, he’s not getting murdered…perhaps the Big Accusation of Ross should come from Andrew.

Ross is out for blood

It’s hard to believe, just watching at home, but some part of your brain really does think the banished/murdered players are gone forever. So whether he truly wants revenge for the “death” of his mother, Diane, or if he just has an eye for the dramatic, Ross has vowed revenge on Harry, the only remaining Traitor responsible. The real question is if a desire for the prize money will stand in the way of a good story. I can imagine this going both ways: Ross gets to work immediately and activates Jaz’s theories on Harry and gets enough support to rid the castle of the only remaining original traitor, or we were fed a nothing burger by the editors like last week’s cliffhanger and he falls into step with the rest of his treacherous team. I think he’ll pull the trigger if he gets a chance, even if that’s right at the end.

Jasmine and Zack are a powder keg waiting to go off

Jasmine, Zack, and Ross from 'The Traitors UK' season 2
Image via BBC One

These two proactive faithfuls already came to verbal blows in episode 9. Zack dealt Jasmine the double blow of both irritating Jasmine (which you really don’t want to do) and also appearing suspicious to her. Whether they’ve resolved their disagreements or not, they aren’t singing from the same hymn sheet, and I’ll make the bold prediction here that they can’t both make the final.

If Harry stays, Mollie stays

Traitors love their strong allies: look at Wilf and Hannah from my season. It’s as simple as this: nobody suspects Mollie, and Harry won’t murder her because she’s a vote in the bag when it comes to the endgame. If Harry is banished, however, she seems like an obvious murder target.

Given all the above, then, here’s my prediction ⏤ nay, spoiler ⏤ about how this series finishes:

Episode 10

Harry reveals his shield, his lie is believed, and suspicion falls on Jasmine, amongst others. Jasmine is banished and reveals she’s a faithful. The traitors are 3-4 and can now murder to make the numbers even. They choose Evie, for lack of paper trail.

Episode 11

Evie is revealed to be murdered, but Mollie brings up the question of Harry’s overdue murder, and Jaz decides it’s time. Ross happily jumps on the bandwagon and Harry is banished, revealing he’s a traitor. With five players remaining, there’s no murder. Andrew and Ross swear to each other that they’ll work together in the finale.

Episode 12

Andrew from 'The Traitors UK' season 2
Image via BBC One

In the final Round Table, Zack accuses Ross. Andrew stays mainly quiet, but Mollie and Jaz think there’s enough to go on, so Andrew joins the fray. Ross is banished. With two traitors gone in the last two Round Tables, and five in the game overall, the remaining players believe they’ve caught them all and progress to the fire pit confident of a win. They all cast “no,” deciding not to banish once more, and Andrew reveals himself to be a traitor, becoming the sole winner of the massive cash prize.

So how did I do? How do you see it panning out? What crucial factor have I forgotten that will change the course of the rest of the game?

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