Do I Need To Watch Gen V Before The Boys Season 4? SuperNayr

Fans want to know if Gen V is an essential viewing for The Boys Season 4. Here is all you need to know.

Should I watch Gen V before The Boys season 4?

You don’t need to watch Gen V before The Boys season 4, according to series creator Eric Kripke.

In an interview with Men’s Health, Eric Kripke said that viewers didn’t need to have seen Gen V in order to prepare for The Boys Season 4, even though he mentioned that a lot of story threads and plot points set up in Gen V would factor into the events of The Boys season 4.

However, those who watch Gen V, especially the post-credits scene of the season 1 finale, will get more context about the possible plot of The Boys season 4, especially the likely plot points that will be explored, such as Victoria Neuman’s possession of a “supe-killing” virus, Homelander presumably being placed on trial for his murder of a Starlight supporter, and Billy Butcher’s investigation into the shady activities in The Woods.

Moreover, The Boys season 4 has also been confirmed by Eric Kripke to be taking place mere days after the events of Gen V season 1. As such, it will benefit those who saw Gen V as the initial episodes of The Boys season 4 will likely explore the ramifications of plot points set up in Gen V.

Can I skip Gen V?

You can skip Gen V if you wish to, according to Eric Kripke.

Eric Kripke mentioned in the Men’s Health interview that he did not want to give viewers any kind of viewing homework and that it is entirely up to the viewer if they want to see Gen V without watching The Boys and if they want to see The Boys without watching Gen V.

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