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Dignity Health Sports Park Deploys AI-Based Security Screening Technology

LOS ANGELES (CelebrityAccess) — Dignity Health Sports Park (DHSP), home of MLS Cup Champions, the LA Galaxy, announced a new partnership with Evolv Technology to implement new AI-based screening technology to improve guest safety at the venue.

The deal will see DHSP use Evolv’s Express sensor technology and AI to help move fans in and out of the venue’s entrances more quickly than possible with traditional metal detectors and can differentiate between threats and the everyday kinds of metal people carry, according to Evolv.

The partnership officially debuted at the LA Galaxy’s home opener in late February when Evolv’s Express technology was used to screen guests entering the stadium.

“We are excited to formally announce this strategic new partnership between Dignity Health Sports Park and Evolv,” said Dignity Health Sports Park general manager Katie Pandolfo. “We are committed to providing the best-in-class fan experience at Dignity Health Sports Park and having Evolv Express helps ensure the ingress process is a seamless experience for our guests. We look forward to continuing this partnership and providing an elevated and safe experience for guests who attend our events.”

“This new partnership reinforces our unwavering commitment not only to providing unforgettable live-event experiences, but also to the safety and security of every guest we entertain at Dignity Health Sports Park,” said Josh Veilleux, senior vice president, AEG Global Partnerships. “We are continually looking for new and innovative ways to add value and elevate the guest experience for our fans, and Evolv’s cutting-edge technology allows us to do just that.”

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