Did ‘Bluey’ Air Its Final Episode? SuperNayr


It’s always Suits this and Shogun that, but what about the real prestige TV, like the heartwarming animated tale of a blue heeler puppy and her whimsical family? Bluey is not only a hit amongst babies, but it’s also known as a “co-viewing show” where adults and kids can watch together without being too bored (or scared) by the content. It seems to be working!

Adult fans of the Bluey became nervous after this weekend’s season finale which featured a monster-sized 28-minute episode with more twists and turns than a rowdy game of “Keepy Uppy.” Yet there have been rumors that the show would end after its most recent season after the finale dealt with the Heeler family deciding on a big move.

Thankfully, Bluey producer Sam Moore squashed those rumors. “No it is not the end for Bluey. I’m sure we have many more surprises in store for you,” she told the BBC. “We have more in store and we are thinking what would be next.”

While season four isn’t in the works yet, creator Joe Brumm has expressed interest in aging up Bluey and Bingo (aged 7 and 5) in the future. “It would be fascinating — and we get a lot of requests to age the characters up. It would completely change the show, but there would be something really sweet about bringing through the new younger characters and having Bluey and Bingo at that babysitting age. That would definitely make a bunch of fans very happy.” For now, they will just have to settle for playing with a cardboard box.

You can stream Bluey on Disney+.

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