Deathstroke Is Coming To Gunn’s DCU? SuperNayr

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DC Studios chief James Gunn, interacting with a fan on his personal Instagram, has revealed that DC villain Deathstroke is going to play a part in the DCU sometime in the coming years.

Gunn did a post of himself in a Superman comic book T-shirt, and a fan asked Gunn to wink if he had plans for Deathstroke. HE responded with a winking emoji.

In the comics, Slade Wilson is one of Batman’s most iconic antagonists – an assassin known for his bi-colored protective gear and deathly accuracy.

Joe Manganiello briefly played the character in the end credits of Zack Snyder’s “Justice League,” though he’s arguably best known as the primary antagonist of the second season of The CW’s “Arrow” with Manu Bennett in the role across multiple seasons.

Gunn has continued to offer steady updates on DC projects, most recently offering an update on “Superman” filming which last week was just past the halfway mark of its shoot. and confirming Frank Grillo appearing on screen in the second season of “Peacemaker”.

The DC Universe kicks off with the “Creatures Commandos” series later this year followed by the Gunn-directed “Superman” film in July next year.

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