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Here’s Death and Other Details‘ ending explained, featuring spoilers about what happened in the finale. Dive into our breakdown of episode 10 and learn how it sets up the next season of this top-tier murder mystery.

What happened in the finale of Death and Other Details, Episode 10?

The series ended with Viktor Sams, a.k.a. Kira Scott, getting arrested for killing Danny and many others, while also blackmailing other billionaires.

The ending of Death and Other Details episode 9 revealed the true identity of Viktor Sams, who turned out to be none other than Imogene’s mother, Kira Scott. She pretended to be Agent Hilde Eriksen throughout season 1 and revealed how she faked her death 18 years ago. With the help of Andreas, she took the identity of Viktor Sams by having her face changed.

She built an empire to take down Billionaires and people in power who exploited the poor and helpless and explained why she couldn’t take Imogene along with her. But because of her unethical ways, Imogene asked her to leave this life behind and be with her.

For six months, Kira and Imogene seemingly spent some quality mother-daughter time. But the latter knew that she was still active as Viktor Sams the entire time, blackmailing others using the billions she got from Father Toby and other ship passengers. Imogene knew this because the servers that she had installed were never destroyed when Sunil’s ship blew up. They were all moved by Jules, Leila, Teddy, and Sunil.

Six months after the ship incidents, Imogene brought Rufus Cotesworth back into the picture. Through Kira’s servers, she had the evidence for all the murders committed on the ship. Kira’s base was raided, she was taken into custody and Sunil agreed to testify against her, serving a shorter sentence in exchange.

Towards the end of Death and Other Details, a bankrupted Anna is revealed to be a newly recruited agent of Viktor Sams. Imogene, Jules, Leila, and Teddy started a new detective gig, with Rufus possibly being in the loop as well. The season ends as they discover a gruesome murder and are set to find the killer.

Who killed Katherine Collier in Death and Other Details?

While Kira Scott/Viktor Sams was behind most of the murders in Death and Other Details, Katherine Collier was killed by her own daughter, Anna.

In Death and Other Details, Kira Scott was behind the murders of Danny, Llewellyn, and Alexandra. She also poisoned Lewis Collier with Captionem Blue. But she only took the blame for Katherine’s murder after witnessing Anna kill her by accident.

She was furious over the crimes that her mother committed. When she struck her mother in anger, she died on the spot. Using this information, Kira Scott recruited Anna to her cause.  

What’s next in Death and Other Details season 2?

In a potential season 2, Imogene and co could be on the case to solve the mysterious murder they witnessed at the end of Death and Other Details season 1. Meanwhile, Kira Scott will deploy Anna to go up against her.

If season 2 happens, Imogene, Jules, Teddy, Leila, Rufus, Anna, Andreas, Kira, Winnie, and possibly even Tripp, will all make a return. Detective Imogene Scott will work to catch the killer of the dead body found at the end of season 1.

Meanwhile, Kira will likely try to make her way out of prison. This will be while she deploys Anna and other agents including Andreas and Winnie against her daughter. It will also be interesting to see if Sunil Bhandari is brought back into the mix.

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