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Some of us have confessed feelings for our best friend with the uneasy feeling that we were in hell. But when Edwin, one half of the titular “Dead Boy Detectives,” confesses to his best friend of 30 years that not only is he gay, but his feelings for Charles are more than just friendly, he’s standing on a staircase in literal Hell.

The internet had some thoughts on that timing.

“What’s fun has been the social media posts that are like, ‘Maybe you should wait until you get out of Hell to have the conversation,’” co-showrunner Steve Yockey told IndieWire. “And I wrote that episode, and I remember when we were breaking it, people in the room did bring up, like, maybe they should talk about this after they get up the stairs. But once they get up the stairs, [Edwin] might not have the courage to say it. It really, for us, felt like the time and place.”

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And though Charles has the perfect reply — “You are the most important person in the world to me. I can’t really say that I’m in love with you back, but there’s no one else, no one else that I would go to Hell for” — and everything seems to settle back into a sense of normalcy, that doesn’t mean the conversation is over. After all, a witch feeding off Edwin’s anguish can be a real distraction from interpersonal relationships. So is that conversation buttoned up, or would Season 2 feature some lingering feelings?

“All of the above,” Yockey said. “Edwin had his journey [in Season 1] figuring out who he was, his own sexuality, plus being in love with his best friend,” co-showrunner Beth Schwartz said. “As we talked about in the [writers] room, that can ruin a friendship.”

“In Season 1, it was less about his sexuality,” Yockey said. “The thing that was weighing on him was realizing his love for Charles. And once you admit something to yourself, it becomes much, much harder to lie about it to other people. I think that’s true for all queer people that go through an acceptance of identity. We were very excited about what happens when you confess your love to your best friend. They don’t feel the same, but they’re still there. And they’re there for you [but] that doesn’t just magically get fixed because Charles is a good guy. There are repercussions.”

“You have to figure out how that works. It’s sort of the aftermath of that,” Schwartz said, while Yockey added, “It’s what Charles said, right? ‘We’ve got time to figure out the rest.’”

Luckily for both dead boy detectives, that time won’t be spent in hell. And hopefully for “Dead Boy Detectives,” they’ll get a Season 2 to sort through their feelings while solving cases in London.

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