Dad Accused Of Drugging Daughter's Friends With Smoothies At Sleepover — Super Creepy Details SuperNayr

Well, this is horrifying.

A girl’s father in Oregon is facing shocking charges after allegedly drugging her friends! These girls are just 12 years old, mind you!

Michael Meyden, 57, is facing 3 counts each of causing another to ingest a controlled substance, application of a scheduled-4 controlled substance to another, and delivery of a controlled substance to a minor. According to a press release by the Lake Oswego Police Department last week, Meyden’s daughter had a sleepover at his home back in August of last year — and he’s accused of poisoning the girls there with prescription drugs:

Like we said, horrifying.

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Thankfully whatever he was planning to do with the drugged children seemed to be interrupted. One of the girls didn’t like the smoothie and drank very little. She claims Meyden repeatedly came down to the basement while they slept to check on their status. Per The Post, she texted her family that night to get a ride the hell out of there:

“Mom please pick me up and say I had a family emergency. I don’t feel safe. I might not respond but please come get me (crying emoji), Please. Please pick up. Please. PLEASE!!”

This was around 2 a.m. It’s unclear if her mother woke up. But the girl then reportedly texted a family friend, to whom she explained she was pretending to be asleep while her friend’s father stood over the bed watching them:

“So I’m ‘sleeping,’ and her dad comes down and [I’m] hugging [one of the other girls] because she was scared, and he kept moving us away from each other but kept doing tests to make sure we weren’t awake.”

She continued:

“Also, [the other girl] won’t wake up and she did for like 2 seconds, but she kept her eyes closed and didn’t talk.”

Per the affidavit, the girl couldn’t wake up because she was under the influence of a strong depressant called benzodiazepine. But the texts worked — the family friend showed up, and the girl dropped her sleeping act, grabbed her stuff, and left. She says Meyden didn’t try to stop her — but noted he “seemed drunk” as she was going. She also said she was worried about the girls who didn’t wake up.

When she got home, she woke up her parents, who — despite it being 3 a.m. — got up and drove over to the house to collect the other girls. Police noted one of the girls was unable to walk when she was brought home — she had to be carried inside her house. Another “walked slowly and used the assistance of her mother for balance, her eyelids were heavy, and she spoke slowly.”

Meyden turned himself in at the Clackamas County Jail last week. But the consequences seem to have begun before that. People learned he and his wife got divorced last October, just weeks after the incident. Meyden’s attorney gave The Oregonian a statement, pointing out his client “is presumed innocent and we hope that people will reserve judgment until all of the facts and circumstances are known.”

Yeah, good luck with that.

[Image via Fox 12 Oregon/YouTube/Clackamas County DA’s Office.]

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